Nobilis of War

Chapter 1334 Struck Dead

"Let go of my son, cowards!"

Leroy glared at Darren and roared like a beast, madly furious about the situation.

"Are you taking me for an idiot? Why would I do that?" Darren answered with a cold expression in his eyes.

"Think about your actions, you brat. I can kill you easily before you can do anything to my son," Leroy threatened through gritted teeth.

"What a bluff! You might be able to kill me with a single palm strike, but before you do, your son's heart and brain will explode right before your eyes first! Try it if you dare! What's more important to you, my life, or your son's?"

Leroy wasn't able to utter a word. He was so infuriated that he felt like his heart was going to burst any minute.

Dario was his only son and the apple of his eye. He would do anything for him, even to the point of offending the Tussle Holy House just to save him.

If there was one thing he couldn't bear, it was his son's death.


Desperate enough, he dashed towards Weber and tried to turn him into his own hostage to have leverage against Darren.

However, Darren had already thought that he might do this, so he warned Weber beforehand. Weber had been on guard all the time and stayed close to Darren.

"That's as far as you can go!"

Weber suddenly bent down and held Dario's family jewels in his hand.

"One wrong move and I'll make sure that he will be the last of your family line!"

Dario's face quickly turned pale because of the pain. "Father! Please don't move. He's serious. I'm in a lot of pain!"

Weber began pressing hard and Dario felt that his testicles were about to be crushed.

"Stop it! What do you want?" Leroy had no choice but to back off.

"Seriously? You don't know what I want?" Darren sneered.

"Fine! I'll let you leave alive, but you have to let go of my son first." Leroy tried his best to look calm and convincing.

"Then what? You'll kill us afterward? Stop pretending to be someone that upholds his promise!" Weber shouted in annoyance. He was so sure that if they released Dario first, Leroy wouldn't hesitate to kill both of them right after.

"This is how it will go. You will get out of the hunting land first. A month later, you will see your son come out of here alive," Darren declared his condition.

"What? No way!" Leroy objected right away.

no choice. If you're so determined to kill us, then we'll take your son with us to hell!" Darren shouted

Dario cried out in extreme pain. Tears were welling up his eyes and his

a huge crisis

if he followed their demands, they still wouldn't let go of his son. However, if he didn't leave, they were prepared to take his son's life at

much as possible, he wanted to keep his

thought suddenly entered his mind. "Dario, I'm sorry…" Leroy said with a trembling voice as he burst into

would let me go. Hurry up and leave!" Dario's heart pounded

my best to compensate for everything in the next

said as he continued sobbing.

seemed like he had made up his mind.

whatever choice he picked. Even if he retreated and let them

that not only would his son die for nothing, but his sect

finally come up with his decision. He chose to endure the

what are you talking about? You're scaring me!" Dario's voice became broken. It was as if he was in denial, though he knew exactly what his father meant. His heart ached more than the physical pain that his body was

have no choice. If we let these two live, all the members

other people?" Dario couldn't believe what he was hearing.

respond and just closed

and Weber also became frantic. They couldn't determine if the old man was just

he's bluffing anymore," Weber said through his spiritual sense.

We can only die together here," Darren said as if he had also


afraid of death?" Darren asked

I don't think it was worthy to die just because of this guy," Weber

I'll be sure to take good care of

a sudden, Leroy opened his eyes, revealing a burning determination to kill. Then, he instantly stretched his

bastard has already taken action!" Weber was still in disbelief that Leroy was about

you in the afterlife!" Dario let out a devilish laugh as if


approach Darren and Weber, a stream of majestic god's

"What the hell?"

a middle-aged man and a young man suddenly

dare you try to kill people in the hunting

arrived were Gatlin Qin, the master of the branch of the Tussle Holy House and his son, Harold

Gatlin?" Leroy shot a cold glance at him, a

am. Now scram!"

brats wanted to kill my son and I'm just acting to prevent it from happening. I didn't do anything wrong!

enters the hunting land has to leave their lives to fate. It's a rule that everyone knows! Moreover, you're a warrior at the Celestial God Realm, yet you attack the participants of the test publicly! Are you not ashamed? You have deliberately violated the law and your actions are punishable by death! You're fortunate

His whole being was insulted

House, thus, considering his strength,

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