Loveless Marriage

Chapter 150 Don't Tell Him What Happened Today

After an hour, they arrived at a small apartment.

Isabella looked up to the building and turned to Canon: "Why don't you rest in the car for a while. I'll be right back."

Canon calmly replied, "Based on what happened today, I think I'd better stay with you."

Isabella went silent. After pondering for a second, she said seriously, "Don't tell him about what happened today."

She just didn't want him to know for no reason.

Canon asked in a bland voice, "Do you mean the car accident...or you coming to visit this sir?"

"…" Isabella choked. Why did that sound as if she cheated on Christian? 

With a dark face, she bit her lips and smiled, "Both."

"I'm sorry, you're not my employer. I can't follow your order." Canon apologetically said.


Even though she'd already known his answer, Isabella was still so angry that her face turned purple. Clenching her handbag tightly, she entered the building without saying a word.