Loveless Marriage

Chapter 149  Don't Go Out Today

"Yes, I'm now at home. I went out for a walk just now. What's going on?"

Diana's voice sounded very calm, so Isabella slightly relieved and said: "Nothing, I just wanna ask how Rachel was doing today."

"She ate something just now and has already fell asleep. However, I guess she was a bit scared as she didn't see you after waking up this morning, and dared not to even cry, which made me quite upset."

Hearing this, Isabella immediately became worried, but she couldn't go back now. She said with a frown: "Then, after she wakes up...Call me and I'll talk to her. "


Then Isabella said, "I saw it's raining today, so don't go out."

"Oh, got it. Don't forget to take an umbrella as well." If Diana knew that she'd came to Liverpool today and almost had a car accident, she may be even more worried. 

Then Isabella hung up the phone.

Canon walked to her side and said, "You don't have to worry too much. I'll find it out."