Loveless Marriage

Chapter 151 Useless Politeness

"You haven't eaten anything since you came home last night? It would be weird if you are not having a stomachache after drinking that much." Isabella passed the water to him, her fair and charming face showing a solemn look, "There's nothing at home. Have some water first. I'll buy you food later."

Minh took the water and bit his lower lip guiltily. "Miss Jones, thank you so much. but I plan to return to Brighton tonight."

Isabella took a quilt from the bedroom and covered it over his body. After hearing what he'd said, her face turned cold, "Tonight? Don't you dare. Have a good rest before going back. I'll give you two more days of leave. "

"Miss Jones... I... "

"I'm your superior, and this is an order." Isabella interrupted him with a stern face.

Canon went to throw trash and wasn't now in his room. Minh held his cup and pouted as he muttered, "But you're also pregnant."

Isabella squinted her eyes, coldly smiling, "But I'm not like someone almost drinking to death. At least I’m still healthy."

"Healthy?" Minh's emotionless face revealed a strong suspicion. He glanced at her forehead, "You either fainted from fever, or fell so hard that you still have a wound on your face. I think you're even better than me."