I've Been There Before

Chapter 26 One at a Time, No Hurry

Originally, there were only three people in the room: The customer, Queena, and Grace. If Grace didn't say anything, then no one would know about it. However, Queena treated it as a joke and told the PR department.

Gloria also known.

Humbert was stunned, “did she have to be this cruel? This Queena is quite a cruel person.”

As Caden listened, his face turned gloomy, and he nodded at Gloria, "Bring this Queena here. I'll be waiting in room 606."

After speaking, she turned and headed towards the elevator.

Humbert followed Caden, clearly aware that his friend was suppressing his anger.

Curling his lips, Humbert's eyes flashed with high spirits... this was going to be interesting.

Someone bullied Grace, and Caden was suppressing anger...What did it all mean?

Humbert curled his lips again.


Room 606

Luna and Queena stared at the two men sitting on the sofa.

These men were high-class folks!

When Gloria sent Luna and Queena to VIP Room 606, the two of them thought that some rich folks specifically requested for them.

As they entered the room, Luna and Queena’s eyes lit up instantly.

Caden and Humbert, two of the most prominent figures in the Royal Club!

"Who's Luna? Who's Queena?"