I've Been There Before

Chapter 27 Revenge for Her

"Luna, let Mr. Shaw vent; once you're out of the Royal Club, you can still work elsewhere. Otherwise, if you leave the Royal Club now, someone will grab you the second you leave and pull you to who-knows-where and force you to do who-knows-what. Do you understand?" Gloria said lightly.

Understood! ...Luna trembled all over, and she lay down on the ground in fear and picked up money in the same manner as she made Grace.

On the side, Queena’s heart was pounding, and she looked at Caden in fear.

Caden threw a handful of cash on the crystal table, "Do you know how to sing? One thousand yuan per song, fifty songs, and you get to keep the money. If your singing sucks, or you faint during performance... Well, we happen to be short on stock over in Southeast Asia."

“Stock” obviously did not refer to goods in the traditional sense.

Queena felt as if a bomb dropped in her heart. The two of them knew by now why they're going through this trial, or else they would really be fools.

They knew the reason, but they couldn't understand why that Grace, a mere cleaner, received help from the big boss, who was usually behind the scenes, to punish them.

"Mr. Shaw, I can sing," Queena said, "But I don't understand; Grace, she's just a cleaner! No talent, no looks, nothing; we were just playing a joke with her. We can understand why you want to punish us, but President Shaw, isn’t your punishment a bit too harsh?"


Caden glanced at Queena with an eerie smile. Her face was charming, but he had no interest in admiring it right now. Such a person, in his eyes, was like chewing wax.

However, at this time, Queena, who tried to appeal with reasoning, made Caden feel a sense of Deja vu, just like that woman three years ago, who stood in front of him, with the same determination, the same reasoning, and the same unwillingness to admit defeat.

For a split moment, Caden retracted the gaze that fell on Queena's face... No, this woman here was nothing like the one from three years ago.

This Queena did not have the pride Grace had three years ago, and she lacked the same charm.

Grace James...

Whenever Caden thought of her wretched state now, which was far from her sunny disposition from back in S City. An irritable temper formed in his heart, and every last bit of patience with the two women in front of him was gone.

"Gloria, teach her some rules.” His cold lips moved.


Gloria stood in front of Queena, with an elegant but icy smile rising from the corner of her mouth, "Queena, Royal Club’s rules have always been strict. Competing with one another is fine, and management will overlook minor issues, but only if it doesn’t cross the line.”

At this point, the conversation took a sudden turn, "And this time, you've crossed the line.”