I've Been There Before

Chapter 25 You Thought You're Better Than Grace?


Ruby became gloomy after hearing Gloria's humiliating words.


She got angry at Gloria, “Gloria, who are you to humiliate me! I am indeed a waiter in the Royal Club, but I earn clean money with my own hard work!


I earned every penny with my own hard work! None of it was earned like Grace who traded her dignity for it. I think I've lived very


magnanimously. Why should a pure human like me get humiliated?”


Gloria couldn't help laughing, “Ruby, I'm telling you that if Grace hadn't helped you out that day... Just by disrespecting the son of Joseph's family, you would be getting the same treatment from him as Grace today... Oh no, you still can't compare to Grace!”


Gloria smiled in depreciation, “You couldn't do the things Grace could.”


“Of course I can't, I would never do things as shameless and undignified like that in my life.”


Gloria nodded, “I hope you can still say that after a week.”


She's tired of wasting her words with that pure girl, if after getting forced by people Ruby can still be so pure, then that's the real purity.


"One's choice can lead to one's fall. Let alone a week, even a month, a year, all my life I'll say so. I will never do what Grace did for money.”