''Wake up! Rise and shine,'' I open my eyes in a hurry as soon as I hear my mother's voice, instantly making me feel the amount of headache that hasn't been bothering me for so long ever since college was over.

Her voice sounds like an alarm, serious though.

I furrow my eyebrows in annoyance before turning to look at my side, seeing that Emma is nowhere to be found—realising that we haven't been sleeping in the same bed ever since we made that agreement.

''It's ten in the morning, for god's sake, mother. Why are you waking me up so early in the morning?'' I ask, laying back on the bed as I snuggle closer with the pillows. My whole body feels drained and dehydrated so, she has got to let me sleep for at least another couple of hours.

''No, wake up. You have an event tonight with Emma so you two have to bloody be there. Excuse my language but Emery, wake up! I'm not even supposed to be here waking you up, you're twenty-six, oh lord,'' She starts to mumble and make a lot of noises in the room but I don't bother waking up because she'll leave me alone later.

To my surprise, I find myself soaking wet due to the amount of cold water being poured all over me. I sit up straight in a hurry, shouting in pain before seeing Evelyn looking at me with a smirk on her face, enjoying.

''For fuck's sake, oh my god,'' I try to breathe.

''It's not ten in the morning, it's three in the afternoon. So, wake your ass up or I'll pour some more,'' She says, pointing at the bucket that she's currently holding. My head shakes in disagreement, another pour of that cold water and I'll be dead. I'm pretty sure.

''When did you even walk in?!'' I ask in frustration, not feeling satisfied by her; she has always been the one to bully me and I'm more than lucky to not be under the same roof as her for the past eight years.

''I'm everywhere, Emery. Remember that,'' She says.

''Get up, get up. Apparently, I forgot to mention that you and Emma have an event to attend. No worries, just dress up your part and be at the event,'' Mother says, as she walks out from the walk-in closet, with a pair of tux. She's the one to prepare my clothing instead of the any of the maids because she said that she knows me better. Of course, she's my mother. She knows me.

''What kind of event?'' I ask, pushing myself up.

''Just some event,'' She replies, smiling.

''Wow, that's very helpful,'' I joke and Evelyn joins me as she chuckles, agreeing. Mother is very secretive about certain informations and it annoys me sometimes.

''Get up, now.'' Evelyn adds, rolling her eyes.

I, lazily step down from the bed before heading towards the bathroom; wanting to take a shower so that I'll be able to feel fresh and comfortable. Once I'm done doing what's necessary, I head out of the bathroom to find myself staring at Evelyn, holding a tuxedo up.

As I sigh deeply, she leaves me to dress up and get myself ready for the event. An event that I don't even know the occasion; probably, a charity event or just an event where I'll dine and leave. Typical.

I stare at myself in the mirror; seeing that it has been awhile since I've gotten myself this nice. The way my tuxedo just fits nicely onto my body and my hair neatly combed to the back; couple of strands showing off a simple and lay back look, making me smile.

All of a sudden, Evelyn and mother walk into the room, eyeing my outfit before smiling to themselves

All of a sudden, Evelyn and mother walk into the room, eyeing my outfit before smiling to themselves. I just keep on looking at myself as I try to make myself look better, neater. I stare a little bit longer at the wedding band on my finger, reminded of Emma.

''Looks like you're all set,'' Mother mutters.

''Now, will you tell me what this is all for?'' I frown.

''Just attend the event. Enjoy yourself and it'll be over before you know it—trust me,'' Evelyn replies, eyeing up at the clock, ''Oh! Look at the time,'' She adds.

Then, she quickly make her way out of the room, making me realise that she was all dressed up in her dark red dress; something that she would only wear if there's a special occasion, probably like tonight.

''Where's Emma?'' I ask, putting on my wrist watch.

''You'll be going with Andrea. Don't worry, you'll meet her there at the event—have fun, my dear,'' Mother smiles before kissing onto my cheek, leaving me wonder why she won't just let Emma go with me.

''Alright. Goodnight, mother.'' I smile at her, pecking onto the side of her cheek; leaving the room with the sight of her smile, the main happiness.

I walk down the stairs to find Andrea waiting for me, he is also wearing a tuxedo which matches mine. He looks up at me, pointing at his wrist watch, ''I swear Evelyn dresses up quicker than you,'' He says, chuckling.

''That would be a lie,'' I breathe, smiling.

Then, I look down at my wrist watch to find that it's already six in the evening—making me realise that it took me about two hours to get ready. Taking a shower was not included in the amount of time I've spent.

''Come on. We don't want to be late,'' He says.

We walk side by side out of the palace, into the back of a limousine, with two other cars following us for a better security—it has always been like this. Sometimes, it's far worst, it'd be better if they just leave us alone.