''Thank you,'' I say before making my way out; bumping into Evelyn who has a cheeky smile on her face. The way she smiles, shows that she knows something.

''Came to delete the footage from last night?'' She grins.

My eyes meet her blue ones—rolling my eyes in annoyance as soon as I understand what she meant. Yet, she continues to tease me about it; laughing and poking onto the side of my waist, immediately making me push her hands away due to being ticklish.

''Hello to you too, sister.'' I walk away, purposely bumping onto her shoulder, earning myself another laugh from her; realising that she's going to keep on following me around for a few more minutes, teasing about last night—no regrets, though.

''At least you had fun last night, even after the event but hey, no worries. Your dirty secrets are safe with me,'' She continues to chuckle, slightly making my cheeks heat up in embarrassment as a few servants pass us.

''There are no dirty secrets, okay?'' I stop walking.

Evelyn flips her hair to the back, ''I told you, Emery. You should've talked about this with mother—getting your own place with Emma. Mother will understand that you need a little privacy with your wife, eh?'' She winks.

I use my index finger to push her head to the back, so that she'll actually leave me alone but no. She's still here, following me like a lost puppy. I don't even know how she found out about last night because we were being careful, but then again, she's everywhere. She might've passed down the hallway and heard everything but I don't care, honestly. Yet, she's got a point.

''You're in my way, Evelyn.'' I sigh, deeply.

''You need your own place. Period,'' She shrugs.

My eyes continue to look deeply into hers; wanting to seek for answers, ''Why are you so eager about me finding a place of my own? I have one in Melbourne and are you planning to take everything in my office? My stuff?'' I ask her, purposely saying it casually.

She scoffs, ''For your information, I'm moving out too. Yes, you have a place of your own in Melbourne but I don't think that counts,'' She replies, sighing again.

My eyebrows furrow, not understanding why she'll be moving out; there's nothing wrong at the palace. Why would she want to move out? What would mother think of it and how would mother react?

''Why are you moving out?'' I ask, eyebrows furrowed.

She crosses her arms, ''Once I get married, I'll be living with Andrea. Of course, I'll visit frequently,'' She replies, stating the obvious. She can't stay here once she has gotten married to Andrea; she'll have her own duties as a wife, probably as a duchess as well.

Then, that's when it hit me. Evelyn's right; privacy is all I need with Emma, since we're slowly together—we'll be able to actually act freely, when it's only the two of us. We don't have to worry about anyone else and that's what we both need. So, I have to thank Evelyn.

''You're kind of right. I'm going to ask mother about that, in fact, I'm going to ask her about that now,'' I grin at her which causes Evelyn to join me, following me as we both walk towards mother's office—knowing that she has a meeting at the moment but, eh.

Once I've reached her office, I push the door open, surprising the amount of people inside but I pay no attention as I smile widely, ''Mother, there's something that I have to ask and I hope that you can spare me a couple minutes?'' I ask, waiting for her respond.

She looks around, at the people surrounding her.

''Um, of course. Fire away,'' She smiles, back slightly.

''I'd like to ask if it's alright for Emma and I to go on our honeymoon? Actually, we're going on our honeymoon right now and if you'd allow me to do so, I'll go upstairs and pack our stuff,'' I speak, quite fast as Evelyn's mouth open wide beside—not really expecting me to ask about going on a honeymoon, she expected a house.

Everyone in the room keeps quiet, only turning to look at my mother; waiting for her to answer. The look on their faces show how they're asking for her to agree so that the meeting can go on while I leave for the trip.

''Where do you plan on going, Emery?'' She asks.

''Bali,'' I answer without hesitation, making her frown.

After a few seconds, she starts to clear her throat before answering my question—after fixing her glasses on the bridge of her nose, ''Alright, you may go.'' She says.

Just like that, everyone in the room starts to agree; letting out breaths of relief. I excuse myself after smirking at my sister, making my way out of the room and up the stairs—wanting to tell Emma.