Chapter 42: Chapter Forty-one


I barge into Evelyn's library, resulting in me to see her kissing Andrea; with both of her hands cupping onto his face before turning to look at me in surprise.

''Emery! W—what are you doing?'' She stutters.

My eyes wander to look at Andrea, hearing him clear his throat—awkwardly. I try my best to ignore the sudden awkwardness as I head in, closing the distance between us so that I can talk to her; the main reason why I came here, I wouldn't just barge without purpose.

''Evelyn, I need your help. Really need your help,'' I say, pressing both of my hands on the desk. Evelyn looks at me in the eyes; trying to understand what I'm asking for because I rarely ask her for anything.

''What kind of help?'' She raises an eyebrow.

''I need to court Emma,'' I reply; quickly.


Both, Andrea and Evelyn, look at me in confusion. Courting my own wife—that sounds bizarre. It means getting to know someone with the intention of marrying that someone; how am I supposed to court her when she's already mine to begin with? Well, we just have to go through the stages of courting.

''What do you mean court Emma?'' She asks, ''You two are already married. Okay, tell me, what's going on with you two? Why do you need to court her?''

I run my fingers through my brown hair; realising that it's actually overgrowing for the past couple of weeks but I paid no attention. Truth be told, makes it easier for me to just run my fingers through it and style it naturally—I don't think I need a haircut, now.

''This may sound like a waste of time but Emma thinks that it'd be better for us to get to know each other. After the miscarriage, she just thought that we've been going on too fast; this whole marriage. She wants us to take it slow, go through the process, one by one,'' I explain to her, slowly trying to make her understand.

''So, why do you need my help?'' She frowns.

''I've been thinking about what I should do to try and make our process memorable and worthwhile but all that came through my mind were just cliches,'' I shrug, sighing deeply before leaning back on the seat.

I continue, ''I came here to ask you a favour. You're a woman and I'm sure you know a lot of things than any men would know; even if he's an expert. Like, what are the things that you like? More forward, what do women like in men? What do they want?'' I specifically add.

''Emery, let me just say one thing. You want to court Emma because she said that she wanted to take things slow and she felt like she barely knew anything about you in which I think you feel the same? So, hear me out on this one, I can see your effort on getting to know her and yes, women likes that. Believe me, they do. Just, go ahead and follow your instinct. She's your wife, your girl so you only have to trust yourself. If you think that she'll like it if you surprise her with the cheesiest things then go ahead, no one is stopping you. Do it,'' Andrea says, leaving me speechless at his words. He has never been the type to advise me; well, we haven't been talking much which explains quite a lot.

Evelyn ends up glancing at my direction, her eyes widening in surprise as her brows furrow in confusion. The way she looks at me and back again at Andrea, it shows how he does not expect him that way.

I keep quiet for a few seconds, ''You're actually right. So, yeah, thanks,'' I say, quickly before running out of the library—wanting to make sure that I'll be able to plan it all out so that it can at least be a little bit perfect.

I can't help but think about something simple. An outdoor picnic, perhaps; not really taking her out on a fancy first date because that seems too much. We're trying to get to know each other and not just impressing one another so of course, simplicity is better.

Emma's not the type to demand either, she's a total sweetheart—no one can be able to replace her and that's a true fact. I really hope that she feels the same about me because even if we've said we love each other, where does that love stands? I want to know.