Chapter 19: Chapter Eighteen


''I'm starting to think that you are everywhere,'' Emery says towards Evelyn, who is currently standing at the door with her eyes squinting at him—probably not bothered to give a damn.

''Oh my god! Who did your hair?'' She walks towards me, her eyes widening at my braider hair; touching it after pushing Emery off the bed so that she'll be able to be on the bed with me, not wanting her brother to be on the bed with us.

''Excuse me?'' Emery stands up.

''You're excused,'' She glances at him for a few seconds before mumbling a few things that I can't really catch up—but mostly complimenting my hair. I turn to look up at Emery, seeing him rolling his eyes; pretending to rip her throat off without her knowledge as he makes his way towards me.

He stands in front of Evelyn, making her raise an eyebrow; stopping touching my hair immediately. By the way she looks at him, it seems like she wants him out of the room and just let us have some girl talk. Then again, Emery doesn't seem like he care.

''You're looking at him,'' He points at himself.

Evelyn laughs loudly which surprises me slightly as I smile—watching the two argue. She stops laughing immediately, ''Yeah. I thought I said you're excused?'' She flicks him off from afar, making him throw the nearest object from him which is the pillow directly towards her head.

''Get out of my room,'' He says.

''Oh, it's on!'' She stands up.

The both of them start to stare at each other before grabbing onto the pillows and attacking one another—making me yelp as I fall down onto the floor; laughing at their childish behaviour. They are standing on the bed with pillows hitting each other's bodies and heads, making a whole lot of noise.

All of a sudden, Evelyn shoves Emery down the bed, making him fall onto the ground with a loud thud; causing the three of us to stare widely at each other—afraid if we might wake up the rest of the people in this castle. When we hear noises coming from the door, we immediately turn to look.

The door pushes open, revealing Genevieve.

''She started it!'' Emery points at his sister and she rolls her eyes in annoyance; before he drops his head onto the ground once more—breathing heavily while I just lay on my stomach, using my elbows and forearms to support my body.


''Evelyn, get to your room.'' She says.

''Yeah, get to your room.'' He throws another pillow.

Evelyn responds back by roughly throwing the pillow straight onto his crouch, making him groan loudly in pain but Genevieve and Evelyn just exit the room after rolling their eyes. I continue to look at him—seeing that he's closing his eyes, ''You're pretending.'' I mutter.

He opens his eyes, looking directly at me as he sits up straight; his hair are in different directions, messily making him much more attractive. I take this moment as a moment that I shall appreciate by continuing to stare at him without even caring if he might ask me to piss off. That's what they say it.

''I needed a little bit of attention,'' He chuckles, standing up and picking up the pillows on the ground before throwing them on the bed. Then, he lays onto the bed, sighing deeply.