Here we are, ladies and gentlemen in Santorini, Greece. A beautiful destination; for honeymoon or anything to be honest—due to Emery wanting his freedom and some time off from his duties, he told his mother that we're going on our honeymoon.

Yes, on our honeymoon.

He planned it all with Evelyn—since she has been here before, she knows it better. The hotel, the beach, the venues, the events, almost completely everything. Evelyn did hint me that Emery wanted everything to be perfect and that it's just not just a little getaway from his duties or the castle but it's something more.

''Do you like it?'' He asks, hugging me from behind by wrapping his arms around my body before looking down at my face—making me smile, eyeing the resort.

''Like? I love it,'' I reply, turning around to face him; to my surprise, it causes him to lean in—kissing me on the lips, making me kiss him back. Our lips remain attached for a few more minutes, enjoying our kind of passionate moment together.

We break the kiss to find ourselves staring at each other, somehow realising that things are getting a little bit awkward than usual. I clear my throat as he heads outside; leaving me all by myself.

We're staying at the Anastasis Apartments where he and Evelyn had booked an Anastasis Suite for us. This room is for two people features a bedroom with white double kingsize built-in bed, a white traditional bathroom with shower, a room with Jacuzzi bathtub, a spacious living room with dining area, a fully equipped kitchenette and a private terrace with furniture overlooking the Aegean sea, the caldera and the sunset. One word; perfect.

My eyes wandering around the suite, thinking of how grateful I should be; having this kind of perfection for my honeymoon—making me smile as I watch the view. The one thing that can never beat this place is the magnificent view.

''Let's head out,'' Emery says from behind.

His voice interrupts my thoughts but I turn to look at him anyway, seeing that he has been eyeing me for a few minutes now—making me walk down the stairs and take my purse, walking out of the suite.

We walk side by side, seeing that there are other couples; enjoying their stay. As we continue to walk, I can see that we're actually trying to lessen the tension between us, not wanting to feel weird or anything.

I look straight at the sun; enjoying the sunsetting soon, showing how it has been a great day here in Santorini. People are surrounding this place—mostly couples, laughing and being in each other's arms.

Within seconds, I find Emery reaching out for my hand, entwining our fingers together which causes me to look at down and smile; trying my best to hide the smile away so that he wouldn't be able to see it. We continue to hold onto each other's hands as we walk.

It takes us about twenty-minutes to reach La Maison Restaurant—which is not even far from where we stay but it's quite a walk. As soon as we step inside, I start to see that people are busy eating as they talk.

We choose the table near the edge, giving us a better view of this place—a better view of the sunset.

Once we're seated, I continue to look at the sunset; not really believing myself that I'm in Santorini here with my husband who's also the prince of Cambridge

Once we're seated, I continue to look at the sunset; not really believing myself that I'm in Santorini here with my husband who's also the prince of Cambridge. Then again, life is full of unexpected things.

When I turn to look at Emery, I see him staring at me; making my cheeks heat up immediately—clearing my throat afterwards, ''Thank you for bringing me here,'' I say, slowly before meeting his eyes.