I stay still at my spot as I watch Emery—seeing that he has both of his eyes focused on his father, probably thinking something in his head but from here, he seems hopeless. The way he sits down and just eye his father for the past ten minutes, it's something that I can hardly understand.

Less than a week of us being married and we're already facing things. I know, life is never easy and it can be very unfair sometimes; everyone knows that. Truth be told, I hope that the king would get better because I've never had a conversation with him before but not just that, this is actually the first time seeing him other than looking at his pictures.

As I take my time to eye Emery, I manage to see glimpses of similarities between them two. For instance, they both have brown hair—which I'm pretty sure, runs in the family. Their faces are defined and well sculptured, beautifully defining their other features even though they look quite different, I can't help but say that their genes are the bomb dot com.

''How is he?'' He asks.

I glance up at the doctor, seeing that she has been reading her reports ever since we came. The doctor looks up at both Emery and I, ''He's stable, Your Highness. There was an emergency last night but everything is alright now. I made sure of it,'' She replies.

Emery nods before standing up and walking out of the king's chamber after grabbing onto my hand, pulling me out with him. Once we're out, I look up at him, seeing that his frown is not disappearing anytime soon—probably. Then, he let out a deep sigh, ''I'm sorry that our trip ended quickly,'' He says.

''Don't worry about it,'' I reply with a smile, ''We can always go back to New York, eat more food and visit more places but for now, we just have to make sure that your father will be alright,''

He continues to look at me and seconds before he can utter a single word, one of the servants bow her head down, ''My apologies for interrupting, Your Highnesses but the queen requests for your presence. Both of you,'' She says and she quickly walk down the hall after giving us a small smile.

We walk towards the queen's reading room, seeing that she is busy reading a book but as soon as she sees us entering the room, she starts to place it down. Her lips are curving into a small smile, ''How was New York?'' She asks us.

Emery and I look at each other.

''Nothing happened? I mean—'' She stops, eyeing me closely before turning to look at her son. Then, she clears her throat, gesturing for us to sit down. We do as told but as I sit, I can't help but see her staring, ''—forget about that, how was New York, Emery?'' She smiles.

He runs his fingers through his hair, ''It was great. Emma owns a really good restaurant—you have to try it,'' He replies, looking straight at his mother while I continue to eye him from the side; seeing that he's actually complimenting my restaurant, ''We visited a few places and it was great. Things happened—''

Genevieve cuts him off, ''What things?''

Both Emery and I look at her in confusion but he seems to be getting her point a little bit quicker, ''You know, those kind of things. It's kind of a long story,'' He winks at his mother as he grabs onto my hand, making me raise an eyebrow at him; wanting to smack his head but I play along.

All of a sudden, Evelyn starts to enter the room with a smile on her face as she eyes Emery, ''Keep dreaming, I'm one hundred and ninety-nine percent sure that you guys didn't do anything sexual.'' She chuckles as her brother roll his eyes. ''Nice job, Emma.'' She adds.

''How would you know? You weren't there,'' He raises an eyebrow, somehow feeling unsatisfied while I am left here, watching them trying to battle one another. Emery has his eyes squinted at her as she looks down at her manicured nails without a single glance at him.

''I'm everywhere,'' She smirks.

I laugh at her statement before receiving a glare from Emery, seeing that he's not really satisfied with his sister. I immediately stop laughing, only smiling due to his glares; he might want to rip me apart and it's not in a kinky way but in a deathly way.

''Emery, you'll be joining for another horse riding today. Free your time around two,'' Genevieve says, standing up and walk towards her bookshelves; eyeing every corner—choosing a book to read.

''I just got back. Is it important?'' He asks.

She looks at her son, ''You just got back from Australia a few weeks ago—people need to know their prince and future king. Show your face, have a little chit chat, make new acquaintances, meet important people and then you can go home. Agree?''