While having Chinese, I manage to glance up at Emery once in awhile; just for my own satisfaction. He does not bother with his surroundings as he watches the television, unaware of me staring.

''I didn't know you find me that attractive,''

My eyes widen at his sudden respond before he turns to look at me with a slight smirk on his face. Now, I realise how bad I am for staring because it takes me a whole lot of effort to look away. He's too beautiful. Anyone can see that. Not just me. Everyone.

''Excuse me?'' I furrow my eyebrows, holding the chopsticks in the middle as I pay a closer look.

To my surprise, he leans in a bit further, raising my heartbeat within seconds; which means that my body is reacting like a freaking pussy. I never really fall head over heels for someone this easily. Yes, it might take a few effort and a few moments but with Emery, it glides on smoothly. Is it because we're married?

''You can't fool me, cupcake. I can see you look at me even if you try to hide it away. Truth be told, I would look at me too if I were you,'' He replies, seconds before he leans back in his seat and continue to eat his food. Luckily, he ignores me the entire time and I don't bother to stare at him anymore—afraid if he might catch me again and the embarrassment will just grow bigger. He's cocky. Since when? Just now.

Once I'm done cleaning up, I look at the living room to see that Emery is nowhere to be found so I quickly turn everything off including the lights and only leave the downlight near the front door on, incase there'll be any emergencies.

As I enter my bedroom, I see Emery playing with his phone without even glancing at my direction—probably not realising that I'm here as he continues to type off something on his phone. I do the same, ignoring him before entering the bathroom, brushing my teeth and cleansing my face so that I'll sleep with feeling refreshed and clean.

When I step out of the bathroom, I see Emery laying in the middle of the bed—with his phone up above as he continues to scroll down the screen with his thumb. I furrow my eyebrows at him but I sit near my makeup table, applying toner to my skin before applying my night cream after applying my skin serum; letting my skin heal while I sleep. As soon as the night cream absorbs into my skin, I quickly make my way towards my bed.

''I actually own this bed too,'' I mutter.

Emery glances up at my direction before moving towards his side and he does nothing but play with his phone—I wonder what he's looking at. As soon as I lean over to look, he immediately hides away the screen from my sight, ''Respect other people's privacy. Okay, Emma?'' He looks back at his phone.

''Is it something worth being so secretive?'' I frown, trying to peek but he won't let me. So, with another sigh, I lay back and turn around, letting my back face him. Even if my eyes are closed, I can't stop thinking about him and that he's in the same bed as me. We've been sleeping together since yesterday because well, he doesn't want to sleep on the couch but he doesn't want me to leave the bed, either. Complicated.

After a few minutes, I manage to fall asleep and within seconds, the lights are turned off; only letting me feel the coldness on my skin but the coldness is once replaced with something warm, making me realise that he has covered my body with the comforter before leaning close. When I turn around to face him, I see that he has his hands close to my body yet he doesn't bother closing the distance between us.

Even in the dark and only the light on my makeup table is turned on, I manage to see his features perfectly. The way his eyebrows are nicely shaped, naturally without even any effort of getting them done, how his nose is not even crooked. Not a slight as it defines his face nicely. Other than that, his lips. The way they redden whenever we kiss or the way they moist almost all the time; never once I see them chapped. Let's not forget his jawline, though.