As I enter the dining room, I immediately see Emery talking to his mother but within seconds, he turns to look at me before eyeing my dress and my face; causing my cheeks to slightly flush pink. Without further ado, I continue to make my way towards them and joining the small crowd.

''I'm sorry but the king won't be joining us today,'' One of the guards say, breaking the silence.

Emery glances at his mother for a few seconds before pointing at one of the seats near me as a gesture for me to sit down. He pulls the chair to the back, letting me sit in my own comfort and to my surprise, he leans in near my ear, ''You look stunning.'' He whispers.

Then, he starts to make his way towards his own seat while I continue to keep my calm high instead of getting all excited over a compliment. The truth is, I feel like jumping up and down due to his compliment; I've never been complimented by a prince before and I'm sure it'll cause anyone to react in a crazy own way.

My mother sits beside me in her dress that I've come to notice, fits her perfectly which define her natural curves. I hold onto her hand, ''You look nice, mum.'' I say with a smile and she chuckles; lightly caressing my cheek.

The queen has finally seated down next to Emery and she turns to look at me immediately, ''Emma, you look absolutely beautiful and I'm glad that the dress fits you very well. Red is definitely your colour, dear.'' She says and I nod with a smile plastered on my face as a thank you.

Within seconds, I start to see other people coming in. The amount of people in this dining room are around ten—I heard the queen only invited her closes friend as she does not want mum and I to feel a little bit pushed by her welcoming. Almost all of them has their eyes glued to me but I pretend not to notice because I'll end up embarrassing myself without noticing.

I look up to see Emery focused on the food in front of him without glancing elsewhere. My mind seem to have forgotten that it's very impolite to stare as I continue to look at him and see the way he frowns just by looking at his food which makes me chuckle lightly. Honestly, he looks unknowingly adorable in his own ways.

All of a sudden, he starts to look up at me, causing my eyes to widen immediately. Our eyes meet and they start to look deeply into one another as if we can go through each other's soul. I break the eye contact, trying to cover up the embarrassment I've earned.

''I saw that,'' My mother says beside me in a low tone.

''What?'' I raise an eyebrow, gazing at her.

She raises the glass of water before taking a sip, ''The whole romantic stare, I saw it all. Don't need to be shy or hide those things away from me, it's normal for you to develop feelings—even without knowing each other yet,'' She replies.

''That's very impossible, mum. This is the twenty-first century, there's no such things as developing feelings without knowing one another; there's also no such things as love at first sight because it does not exist. Humans are attracted to attractive people and love at first sight may only be possible if the person is undeniably beautiful.'' I state, causing her to look at me with disbelief before smiling, half-agreeing.