Chapter 4: Chapter Three


It has been a week since the talk with both mum and dad. I took the whole week to really sort things through without hesitation because I want to figure things out instead of keeping them. Due to that, I guess it has been working for me to choose.

Apparently, mum booked the flight ticket earlier than I thought she would. She told me that she knows how I'll think through it and accept sincerely but then she also told me that there was also a high chance of me declining. That's the truth; I was considering declining but like Jace said, why not give it a try other than living in regret.

''You could be wrong,'' I say, turning to look at her.

Her lips curve up into a small smile, ''I could but you're here with me—in England, fulfilling your fate. No one can run away from everything, right Emma?'' She replies, putting on her lipstick before eyeing her lips in the mirror.

I glance one last time at the mirror before we start to make our way towards the exit and my eyes widen as soon as I see a black limousine parked at the front; grabbing everyone's attention at the sight of the two flags. My eyes wander around the tinted windows—trying to see if it's even possible for me to look inside but it's very impossible.

Mum and I stand still, not really knowing what to do.

''I thought we're getting a cab?'' I say, glancing at my mother and she nods, completely agreeing.

To my surprise, a royal chauffeur starts to make his way towards us with a small smile on his face. He appears to be around his forties but still manage to look young. Within seconds, he has already grabbed both of our bags before placing them in the trunk and opening the door for us.

''I'm sorry but as my mother informed, we're getting a cab.'' I say, trying to make sure that he's not picking up the wrong person or anything because that's far from what I want at the moment. We're in a foreign country and we've hardly been to England before except for dad, he was born here.

He furrows his eyebrows, ''I'm sorry miss but I was tasked to come and pick you and Mrs. Parker at the airport—as requested by the queen.'' He replies.

My mother smiles, ''Alright then, come on in, Emma.'' She says, getting inside the car while I stand still, watching her getting comfortable. With a sigh, I start to step inside—seconds before the chauffeur starts to close the door.

I glance once more at my mother, seeing that she's eyeing the sparkling water, ''I can guess that you don't know about this but I could be wrong.'' I say, breaking the silence and earning myself a sigh from her.

''Emma, I only arranged for our flight and our transportation which is clearly not this limousine. As far as I'm excited to meet the queen or my future son-in-law, I'm not as cruel as you think.'' She responds, choosing the mineral water instead before taking a sip.

I let out a deep sigh as I turn to look out through the window and realise that we're on our way to meet the queen and even the prince—my fiancé, that's what they call him. The whole ride is awkwardly quiet, I wouldn't dare to make a conversation with mother, who'll know what she will say. She's quite excited, I can see that and truth be told, I don't know what I should be feeling.

Excited or casual?

Deep inside, I don't feel a thing except for this curiosity of how he looks like. He might be curious about how I look like too if he haven't seen any of my pictures but you can never trust a royal family when it comes to matchmaking, they have every information that's possible. I guess they're lucky in some ways.

My eyes wander around the city of London and it somehow surprises me at the sight. I can't deny that this country is a beautiful country—it's also the place where mum and dad met during their first year of university. I consider London as their spot of love because this place has brought them together while New York has been a place that teared them apart.

''Don't you miss this place?'' I ask her.

I can feel her looking at me before I start to turn and see the emotions in her eyes, ''There are a lot of memories here in England and London is the very one of them. Your father and I met here, we spent our time here and we even declared our love here. You can pretty say that it sums everything. Emma, you should know that I still love your father but sometimes, it doesn't last forever.'' She replies.

''Don't be like me. I let the man that I love go. I want yours to last with happiness and love—no pretending needed. If things don't work out the way you have in mind or planned, just tell me and I'll get you of here as soon as possible.'' She adds, pulling me in to snuggle and I quickly respond by kissing her cheek.