Dragon Master

Chapter 62: He's Changed

Andrew and Franklin, the father and son, had ugly faces at the moment, while staring at Maximilian with hatred, and yelling, 


"Don't you get out of the way now?"


Maximilian chuckled, and did not say anything, turned around and entered the house, Franklin coldly smiled and followed by raising his steps to go inside.


Bang! The door was closed.


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Franklin stood in the doorway, his nose was bleeding from the door hitting him, and he broke into a cursing fit at once while saying


"Maximilian! How dare you do this to me, you fucking loser, I won't be able to spare you!”


Andrew, who was distressed by his son, inquired a few words and grunted under his breath,


"This Maximilian, he's really getting out of line.”


“Dad, what do you think we should do now? Do we really have to go in there with our heads down and apologize?"


Franklin's heart was not convinced. He felt that he would rather die than apologize to a bitch like Victoria. Andrew shook his 

head, sighed, and said, "What else can we do now? Otherwise, we wouldn't even be able to get in the door”


For a moment, Franklin fell silent with a chill sinking into his eyes.


Andrew let out a deep breath before ringing the doorbell and shouting in a fairly sincere manner.


"Marcus, open the door, big brother has something to say to you.”


A short while later, Maximilian opened the door again and said indifferently.


“Come on in.” Andrew squeezed out a smile, but his eyes held hatred.


This revenge, he had to take it back.


When they entered the house, Andrew and Franklin sat straight down on the sofa, and the latter took one look at them and yelled.