Dragon Master

Chapter 61: Begging Attitude

After saying this, Victoria's heart also trembled, how could she think that way?


Even if Maximilian was capable, could he still make so many companies choose to cut off their cooperation with Yunsheng Pharmaceutical?


What kind of terrifying strength would it take to do all this?


So, as soon as Victoria's words left her mouth, she felt that she was over thinking.


Maximilian had a heart thump on the other hand, looked at Victoria's face and tried to explain.


"Victoria, actually......”


"Well, you don't have to explain, I'm the one who's over thinking about it.How could you have that kind of means and strength, you're just a son-in-law that our family recruited in.


Victoria laughed to herself. Every woman wanted her husband to be capable and admired in front of and behind people. But that was just a thought.


What kind of person Maximilian was and what kind of financial conditions he had, Victoria knew very well in her heart.


Maximilian glanced at Victoria, and the corners of his mouth smiled slightly, but he didn't say anything.


It didn't take long for a knock on the door, and Maximilian told Victoria to go back to her bedroom and not come out, after all, she just said that she went out to travel with Leila, so she couldn't show her face.


This guy Franklin, who was arrogant and domineering as always, banged on the door and shouted,


"Victoria, I know you're home, open the door for me!"


Maximilian cleaned up and went over to open the door.


Outside the door, Franklin's face was full of anger as he stared at Maximilian and yelled.


"Maximilian, you dared to hang up on me just now, didn't you?"


“l accidentally knocked it off." Maximilian chuckled.


Franklin was furious, raised his fist and swung it at Maximilian’s face.


"Fuck! You're just a loser married into my Griffith family, how dare you hang up on me, you're looking for a fight!"