Dragon Master

Chapter 63: Waiting for Grandpa to Apologize in Person

“What has changed? What can he have to change? he's just a wimp, you still expect him to be some rich kid who is out of his family to experience a poor life? Don't dream, my daughter. Be realistic. What can Maximilian give you? What can he get for me and your dad?"


Laura grunted under her breath.


Feeling that she couldn't talk to her old mother anymore, Victoria reclined on her bed and said.


“I'm not going to divorce him anyway, so if you fancy Travis, then marry him yourself.”


What...... As soon as she heard this, Laura was furious and slapped on Victoria's hips twice and scolded.


"You're deliberately trying to piss me off, aren't you? If your mother were younger, I would have married Travis a long time ago!"


While having said that, Laura's attitude softened again, and he advised bitterly.


"Victoria, it's not that mom is forcing it on you, it's just that you have to plan for your future. Do you really want to live your whole life with that worthless thing Maximilian? Even if you're not thinking of yourself, you should be thinking of Sissi. If she is old enough, can she accept that her dad is a worthless loser? What do her peers think of her?"


Victoria covered her head and put the quilt directly over her body.


Laura glared, and exasperated.


"Think about it for yourself, and mom won't rush you, when you figure it out, you'll understand how good mom is to you.”

With that, Laura turned her head to leave, but her eyes fell on a beautiful box on the bedroom dresser. What a beautiful 



"OMG, my daughter, is this...... uhis necklace full of real diamonds?”


Laura immediately went over and looked through the exquisite box. The sparkling diamonds were so beautiful!


Victoria hurriedly got up, and when she saw Laura trying to open the box, she immediately rushed over and snatched the box back while saying.


“It's not mine, Leila put it here with me, so don't touch it”


Laura gave her a blank look and said.


“Are you still lying to Mom? You think mom doesn't know? This is the hundred flower fairy diamond necklace, the first sold in all of H City, when staff sent it to your company that has long spread. Ouch, I don't know which rich boy has taken a fancy to my daughter. How wonderful it is!"


Laura's heart was excited. It seemed that his daughter was not stupid while knowing to leave some spare tire for herself.


Victoria hurriedly explained, "Mom, you're over thinking it, I'm returning this necklace.”


Upon hearing that it was to be returned, Laura became anxious and said.