Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 145: I accomplished your revenge and anger

Jacob shivered coldly, put on his coat quickly. He couldn't help but said, “Is it winter in here?”


“This is the winter that is imitated by biological principles.”


Nicole said faintly, already raising his foot and walking inside.


Jacob didn’t quite understand the meaning of Nicole, but he didn't ask much, just followed in.


There are many varieties of plum gardens here, even green plums. It can be seen that Samuel has taken care of it.


The fragrance of plum blossoms is refreshing.


Nicole walked in the plum blossom forest, but her heart melted a little bit.


In the end, is a painting house.


Nicole strolled forward, gently pushing open the door of the studio, a burst of fragrance came to his nose.


There are also potted plum blossoms here, which are more delicate than the natural plum blossoms outside.


Nicole looked at the paintings hanging in the painting house and felt familiar.


Suddenly her eyes turned red.


It was a work that she had just learned to paint when she was four years old. It’s not formal work, it’s just a graffiti, but how could Samuel have it?


Nicole came in front of it and looked at the traces that she had left on it, making sure that this was the one she had back then.


Looking north along with this pair, there are her works when she was five years old when she was seven years old when she was eight years old and the paintings she won at the age of twelve. Until she graduated from University, there were almost all her works in her life.


All works were framed by people and there was no trace of ashes on it.


Nicole's tears could hardly stop.


This silly man, why never let her know this?


“Has Samuel come often in the past five years?”


Nicole's voice was a little low.


Jacob nodded and said, “Yes, during the first period, Mr. Green often stayed here alone, no one was allowed to accompany him. Later, he came once a week. But every time he came, he always stayed here. I'm not allowed to follow. He said this is his private space and no one is allowed to set foot. Today I don't know if Mr. Green will be unhappy when I look back.”


“Will not.”


Nicole smiled faintly, with affection.


She browsed the entire painting house as if she had seen her whole life.


Although Samuel didn't set a grave for her, he missed her in this way. If such a deep feeling is not love, what else is love?


Nicole watched slowly and carefully.


Passing through the painting house, there is a bedroom behind.


A wedding dress and Chinese dress is hanging here.


Nicole could see that it was what she wore when she got married. The wedding dress was shipped by Samuel by air from abroad. Although the wedding was very hasty,


Samuel never passed everything that should give her.