Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 146 I have troubles

Nicole knew that if she went out now, there would be no hope between her and Samuel.

If it was before, she didn’t expect Samuel to like her, she just came back for the sake of falling, but now, after seeing the private garden, knowing that Samuel has a deep affection for her, she doesn’t want to Let go of his hand again.

Regardless of the pain on the back of her hand, Nicole grabbed Samuel’s hand and said, “Will you believe me once? Just this time! My feelings for you have not changed from beginning to end. Samuel, I don’t deny it. I once hated you and wished you to die, but when it comes to that moment, I am reluctant, really reluctant. You have me in your heart, so can you not be affected by what others say? Can we live our lives well?”

Samuel looked at Nicole with tears in front of him.

Her eyes are so clear and transparent, so containing friendship, so he can’t help but want to believe, want to say yes, but he can’t forget what Zac said, let alone Nicole who said she was from hell.

Will the evil spirit come back with feelings?

He can bear anything, but he can’t bear the woman he loves no longer loves him.

It made him more uncomfortable than killing him.

Samuel looked at Nicole and asked word by word, “You tell me frankly that you are only coming back for me this time, not because of anyone, not because of anything and you won’t even use me and trick me. Nicole, as long as you say, I will believe it, I want to listen to you.”

Nicole’s heart hurt suddenly.

What did she say?

She can’t say it!

At this moment, she was unable to face Samuel frankly.

She feels like she is a despicable villain.

She didn’t come back purely for Samuel.

She did not come back for his love.

She had a picture of him, the thing she pictured is probably Samuel’s most precious.

Nicole bit her lower lip and a line of tears slipped down the corner of her eyes.


Samuel suddenly raised her head, her scarlet eyes spreading.

“Get out!”

Samuel’s voice is not loud, which seems that he has exhausted his whole body, but it makes people feel heartache inexplicably.

“Samuel, can you listen to my explanation, I...”

“Get out!”

Samuel pushed Nicole away.

Those good-looking eyes of a phoenix were clear with tears, but he quickly wiped them clean.

“While I’m still not angry, get out immediately! From now on, I don’t want to see you, I can’t hear your voice, I don’t want to see your appearance! Nicole, what do you want, you tell me, I immediately offered it with both hands. I just beg you, don’t continue to hurt me here.”

Every sentence and word of Samuel was like a sharp dagger pierced into Nicole’s chest.