Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 144: You are inexcusable

Zac’s words are indeed at the point and it makes Nicole's face very difficult to look.


“Do you think I care? I don't even need my identity. Do you think you can threaten to talk about me? Zac, as I said, I am now returning from the evil spirit, just for revenge.


You want to use this way to threaten me, I’m sorry, I don't intend to deal with you in an open and upright way. As long as it can make you feel bad and let you experience my original pain, I’m willing to do anything, even if I sell my soul!”


Nicole stood up after speaking and planned to turn around and leave.


Zac panicked, stunned. He was not calm.

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“You can't treat Petty like that! You absolutely can't!”


“You should know that I can definitely!”


Nicole looked at Zac coldly, as if looking at another dead person.


At this moment, Zac realized that the woman in front of him had lost her kindness and conscience and became the same as them.


He feels terrible and terrifying, so why did he get to this point?


If he knew that the fire would still allow Nicole to survive, he would never leave there early.


But now it’s too late to say anything.


He looked at Nicole and asked word by word, “You came back this time for revenge. Is your kindness to Samuel part of your revenge? You don't love him anymore, do you? Just use his, right?”


Nicole was silent.


She didn't know how to answer and she felt unnecessary to discuss this issue with Zac.


What were her feelings for Samuel, it's not up to him to question. But she did come back with such a decision at the 



Samuel on the other end of the phone suddenly held his breath.


He knew that he shouldn't listen to this, or even doubt Nicole's feelings for him, but at this moment, his mind seemed to be 

living with a devil, constantly clamoring, let him listen to Nicole’s answer.


It’s a pity that every minute of the time passed and Nicole didn't reply.


Samuel suddenly felt a pain in his heart, that kind of inexplicable sadness suddenly came from all directions, surrounded him, tightened little by little.


Zac laughed loudly.


“Sure enough! All I guessed were correct, right? Samuel is known as the emperor of Seapolis City. He could have any kind of 

woman he wanted, but he was deceived by you.


I don't know how he felt after he knew it. You are right, you are indeed not the people five years ago, now you have no heart at all. You are a demon, you came back from hell to kill us. I said back then that it was Mr. Green who made me burn you and the child in your belly to death. How could you not believe it? Otherwise, why are you here five years later? But does Mr. Green knows that the woman sleeping next to him wanted him every minute?”