Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 111: Lucas Bush was missing

Obviously, no one can answer Jason Don's question now.


Samuel Green now realized Jason Don was here and nodded at him and said, “Master Don, I heard that you mobilized all the power to help me find my son. I'm very grateful for you.”


The phrase “my son” puzzled Jason Don again.


“It's Mrs. Bu...”


“My Samuel Green's son! Lucas Bush! He follows his mother's surname.”


Samuel Green's explanation made Jason Don suddenly realize that the relationship between Nicole Bush and Samuel Green was not what they seem to be. They must have known each other for a short period of ten or twenty days.


It turned out that they even have children. No wonder they have such feelings.


“I will try my best. If there is any news, please inform each other.”


Jason Don no longer delayed, pushing the wheelchair away.


Samuel Green and Nicole Bush did not dare to delay, and quickly began to search for the location of Lucas Bush.


Nicole Bush was a little worried about Samuel Green ‘s health, but Samuel Green insisted, “From childhood to now, from his birth till now, I've never conduct the responsibility as a father, and now the reason why he run away is me. If something happened to him, how can I not be guilty for you? How can I be guilty for him? Don't try to stop me because physical condition. If Lucas is gone, what's the point of living?”


Samuel Green is calmer than Nicole Bush.


He thought Lucas Bush is still small and weak, so he would not run too far, and he must be still near the hospital.


“Convener, searched the entire military hospital, and you, go to the monitoring room with me. Let's see if we can find clues on the monitoring.”


Hearing Samuel Green's words, and Nicole Bush was little calmer and came to realize what she should do.


Knowing that Lucas Bush was gone, she felt that her world had collapsed. If anyone ask her analyze the situation like a genius, she couldn't do it at all.


The bodyguard began to search every corner of the military hospital, inch by inch, and Nicole Bush followed Samuel Green to the surveillance room.


Because Samuel Green's special status, when the hospital's director knew that the Green Family's young master was gone, he is very cooperative and ask his men to sort out the surveillance video so that Samuel Green can check out and investigate the video.


Pieces of video was picked out.


Samuel Green and Nicole Bush's eyes were staring straight at the video, constantly looking for Lucas Bush, but no matter which direction, Lucas Bush did not appear.


Suddenly Nicole Bush pointed to a picture and said, “Look, Lucas was hiding in the hallway door just after leaving the ward.”


Samuel Green quickly looked at that screen.


The image is not very clear, but they can see that Lucas Bush was particularly wronged hiding in the doorway of the hallway, constantly looking in the direction of the ward, with disappointment hidden in his eyes. He finally turned and ran towards the backyard.


Nicole Bush's tears were dropping again.