Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 112: Someone intentionally ruined the monitoring

Nicole Bush doesn't have time to explain Zoe to Samuel Green now. When Samuel Green talks about Lucas Bush, her eyes were red again.


Perhaps he was aware of some problems with his tone, Samuel Green scolded himself for being so ridiculous, and he gently held Nicole Bush's hand and said, “Relax, our son will be fine.”


At this point, Nicole Bush has clearly realized that all of this was designed by someone, and she can only blame that she didn't guard against this sooner, but instead let her son fall into such danger.


“Let's go to the monitoring room and check it again?”




Nicole Bush clam herself down and knew that it was not the sad moment. It was most important to find Lucas Bush as soon as possible.


The two returned to the monitoring room again.


The dean was still in the surveillance room. Following the instructions of Samuel Green, the video of Lucas Bush in the backyard was found, but it was sad to find that there was a blank period of five minutes.


The dean was a little embarrassed, and Samuel Green was a little angry.


Nicole Bush said before Samuel Green got angry, “Someone deliberately broke the surveillance.”




Jacob Brown called at this time.


“Master Green, I found it. Someone came across the woman who made that call in the game room, and it a coincident that the woman met a young man. The two of them quarreled a bit, and the woman went away after scolding to make the phone call. The phone call happened to be heard by the young man, and now this young man is beside me.”


“Bring him over now!”


Samuel Green's voice was terrible cold.


Nicole Bush knew there was a new clue.


They quickly went to the reception room.


The young man was swearing when he was brought in. He was just a 17- or 18-year-old child, and he looked rebellious.


He was a bit angry that Jacob Brown had brought him in, but suddenly he was quiet when he saw Samuel Green.


It is estimated that few people in the entire Seapolis City who don't know Samuel Green. Being taken here by Samuel Green, and the young people are somewhat worried.


“Master Green, I didn't do anything, really!”


Although he don't know what happened, Samuel Green's furious atmosphere made everyone feel uneasy.


Nicole Bush actually wanted to ask about Lucas Bush, but now she didn't say anything, just quietly waiting for Samuel Green to ask.


She believes that Samuel Green feels the same way when it comes to Lucas Bush.