Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 110: This is a big deal

“Lucas! Lucas!”


Allen felt something wrong and called several times in a row, but no one answered the phone. He called back quickly, but the phone was stuck.


He thought that Lucas was in trouble.


Thinking of all those kid robbers, Allen was a little uneasy.


He quickly called Nicole.


“Allen? How's Zoe?”


When Nicole received a call from Allen, she was completely tired.


She came out with Lucas, but where is the child?


Seeing Allen calling her at this time, she felt that Zoe was in a bad situation.


Allen said anxiously, “Zoe is fine, she has been particularly stable recently, you can rest assured.”


“That's good.”


“Nicole, Lucas called me just now, and his is very sad. What's wrong with you? Is he somewhere near you?”


Allen's words directly left Nicole a bit desperate.


“I was in a bit of a conflict with Lucas. The child ran out with anger. I followed, but I couldn't find the child. So he hid himself 

and called you. The child really is really open to you.”


Nicole heard Allen saying that Lucas called him, and she was a little relieved. It seems that the stink boy should be hiding nearby.


Allen is not as optimistic as Nicole.


“Nicole, Lucas and I were talking on the phone, but he suddenly screamed, and then the phone couldn't get through. I called back, there was always a block there. Where are you? Can you go and see if something happened to Lucas?”


As soon as these words came out, Nicole's heartbeat accelerated directly.


“What did you say?”


“I said something might happen to Lucas!”


“I'll go find him immediately!”


Nicole felt her legs is getting powerless.


God, please don't let anything happen to Lucas!


If the god want to blame somebody, he can blame her. It’s her fault that she didn't tell Lucas about Samuel 's identity early. It’s all his fault.


Lucas and Zoe are the most important thing of Nicole. Now Zoe has been living in the hospital for a long time. If Lucas has anything wrong, how can she restart with Samuel?


Nicole started looking for Lucas like crazy.