Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 87: You Know Everything about Yourself

Originally, he planned to use Lucas Bush's custody to make Nicole stay with him. Now when he heard Macon Joe's words, he felt he was a complete jerk.


Not to mention that his son didn't recognize him as a father, and he even made himself feel abominable!


Samuel patted Macon Joe on the shoulder and said, "Thank you, Macon Joe, thank you for letting me understand this.”


"So you are planning to marry Miss Catherine?"


Macon Joe could see that Samuel's feelings for Nicole were different from others, so he asked casually.


Samuel whispered, "Lucas Bush is my son, my biological son! And Catherine is Lucas Bush's biological mother, so what do you think I can do?"


Macon Joe suddenly froze.


He knew that Samuel had married a wife, but he did not love Nicole, this was a fact that all the people in the Seapolis City knew.


"This Catherine is your mistress and Lucas is your illegitimate child?"


Macon Joe could only guess this way. Although he felt that Samuel may not be able to do such a thing, his brain couldn't think of anything else.


Samuel froze for a moment, and then understood what Macon Joe was thinking, and said with a smile, "From the beginning, she is the only woman I love."


But when Macon Joe heard this, it seemed that from the beginning to the end Catherine was the only woman Samuel kept outside of the family but the one he really loved.


"No wonder Mr. Green ask us to take care of Lucas Bush. It turned out he is the junior master. I now realized that the junior master Joseph and the junior master Lucas Bush look really similar. But the talents of the two brothers are really different. Master Lucas likes you very much.”


Hearing this, Samuel's eyes flickered and whispered, "Never, ever say that Joseph's talent is worse than anyone. Everyone has their advantages. Joseph is no different from ordinary children, and he is even better. It's just you should not to compare him to Lucas."


"Mr. Green, I don't mean that, I..."


"I know. From an early age, I am a talented boy. I can learn everything instantly. All the elders around me say that I am a genius and treat at me differently. Only when I am 20 years old did I realize that there is no difference in everyone. Those people who shows no talent at all at ordinary times is more effective than me, a genius who can't perform well at the critical moment.’


Samuel's voice was painful.


Macon Joe didn't understand why he said that. When he wanted to ask, Samuel had got up and went to the training ground next to them, and started training himself.


He could see that Samuel had a lot of pain in his heart, but he couldn't tell them to anyone else.


In the moonlight, Samuel sweated as if he was raining, Macon Joe accompanied him, and Lucas Bush was lying on the window sill, watching Samuel's vigorous posture


Nicole seemed to know nothing, and had been asleep quietly.


When the early morning light rose from the horizon, Samuel stopped tiredly, and the whole person lay on the board, as if falling asleep.


Nicole opened her eyes slightly, always feeling something was wrong.


There seemed to be a familiar breath in the room.


She frowned slightly and turned her head to look at Lucas Bush, seeing him sleeping soundly, and holding her hand tightly with his small hands, so hard and so strong.