Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 86: Are You My Father?

"Nicole! Nicole, I'm here!"


Samuel stepped forward and hugged Nicole tightly, but she still cried and even punched and kicked Samuel.


"Samuel, you are ruthless! This is our child! How can you treat me like this?"


Nicole's tears flooded like a river rushed through the gate, and her tears instantly soaked Samuel's clothes.


"Nicole, open your eyes and look at me, you are dreaming! Wake up!"


"No! It hurts! It hurts! The fire burns so painfully! Please save me and my child.”


Nicole pushed Samuel away, but consciously she still protected her belly, just like when the fire burned five years ago.


Samuel's heart was suddenly torn apart.


Five years ago, he had not seen everything that Nicole experienced in that fire, but now seeing this scene, he felt that his heart was torn apart alive.


Was she struggling in the fire five years ago and no one was going to save her?


What about Zac Neo?


At that time, Zac Neo was his best bodyguard and assistant. He specially sent him to protect Nicole. How could he let Nicole go through all this?


Samuel wanted to step forward, but heard a young voice ringing.


"Why are you here?"


Samuel turned back slightly and saw Lucas Bush's squinting eyes immediately alert when he saw him.


"Lucas, your mum..."


Before Samuel finished his words, he saw Lucas Bush quickly jumped off the bed. With bare feet, he ran directly to Nicole. He took her hand gently and put her hand on his face, he said softly, "Mommy, I'm here, I'm Lucas, your son Lucas. Don't be afraid, the fire is over, I'm still alive, Mommy, do not afraid."


With saying, Lucas Bush stretched his arms and hugged Nicole tightly.


Although he was relatively small, his tiny arm seemed to bring Nicole pacification with infinite strength.


The fidgety and restless Nicole gradually calmed down, but she still didn't wake up, but held Lucas Bush tightly, and kept calling Lucas Bush's name in her mouth.


Lucas Bush stretched out his arm and patted Nicole's back gently, just like when Nicole coaxed Lucas Bush when he was a kid.


Samuel's eyes suddenly turned red.


He could tell that Lucas Bush was not doing so for the first time.


Seeing his son's small body comforting Nicole so skillfully, Samuel's tears twirled in his eyes.