Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 85: There Will Be Plenty of Chances for Him to Make Contribution

Samuel turned around and left without turning his head back after saying so.


Jacob was stunned on the spot.


What was wrong with Mr. Green?


Why was he so care about that woman who had just arrived in the Seapolis City for just ten days?


Even the previous wife couldn't make Mr. Green so concerned, how could Catherine?


He just said two more words, but Mr. Green wanted to fire him.


Jacob was aggrieved. He had been with Samuel for about six years. It was the first time he saw Samuel being so serious to tell him that he wanted to fire him, and this was caused by a woman.


But no matter how wronged, Jacob still kept up with him.


"Mr. Green, I was wrong.”


Samuel also knew his ager almost lost control, but his feelings about Nicole was not a joke.


He sighed, got into the car, and sat directly in the back seat, but still couldn't calm himself down. He then took out a cigarette and lit it, and smoked one after one.


Jacob went to the cab, and when he saw Samuel, he whispered, "Mr. Green, if you think I'm bothering, you can cut my salary, just don't spoil your own body like this. Your lungs can't stand you smoking.”


Samuel took a deep suck of the cigarette and extinguished it.


He looked at the traffic outside and whispered, “Jacob, I know that you and I have a deep relationship. Although we are boss and employee, we are already close brothers. I also know what you do is for me. It's hard to understand that I did all these things for a woman who has just known a dozen days, right?"


Seeing Samuel take the initiative to talk about this, Jacob asked a question.


"Yes, I think it's incredible. Since Catherine arrived at the Seapolis City, you are weird. I don't dare to ask you, but she really doesn't deserve your caring and love. And I don't think she is a reasonable woman. I don't know why you care such a heartless woman.’


Samuel smiled slightly, his eyes somewhat wet.


"Well. I think I should have treated her like this a long time ago. If I treated her like that five years ago, maybe now our son will be growing up beside me, and she won't experience so much hardship. A woman with children traveled so far. Everyone can imagine how difficult it is for her to leave her hometown."


Jacob was stunned.


"Mr. Green, did you mean that Catherine was Mrs. Green?"


He couldn't believe it.


How is this possible?


But Samuel said with a smile, "Remember the paternity test I asked you to do? That were Lucas Bush and my sample, we are a father-son, and Lucas Bush is Catherine's son, who do you think she is?”