Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 88: Nicole, I Love You

"Nicole, is my death the only way to make you turn back? Is making me suffer the pain you suffered the only method to make you believe that I really loved you? If this is what you want, my life is yours!"


Samuel finished, and raised his dagger to penetrate deeply into his heart.


With the sound of "poo", the sound of iron sinking into the skin appeared so empty and loud on the silent training ground.


Nicole's footsteps stopped, and her heart was instantly tightened.




He won't!


How could Samuel, such a selfish man, hurt himself?


But her feet seemed to be filled with lead, so she couldn't lift it.


Nicole felt uncomfortable with her jerky eye, and a warm liquid suddenly rushed up. Those old loves and hatreds were entangled in her chests at this time, as if was about to explode.


She dared not look back, she couldn't look back. She didn't even want to look back!


Samuel saw her with such determination, and said with a bitter smile, “Even if I die, you will not return to me anymore? Believe it or not, Nicole is the only woman and the only wife of Samuel in my life! Lucas Bush is my only son!"


The words "Lucas Bush" stimulated Nicole.


Lucas, Zoe!




Samuel couldn't die!


She was not because of distress, not because of reluctance, but because of Zoe!


For Zoe, Samuel couldn't die!


Nicole seemed to have found a reasonable reason. She suddenly turned around and saw Samuel fall in the pool of blood in the morning light.


The dagger penetrated his chest deeply, and the bright red blood had soaked his upper body.


The moment Samuel's eyes turned at Nicole, they finally became colorful.


"You still care about me, right? Nicole, you still love me!"


Samuel smiled in the corner of his mouth, leaned back and collapsed.




Nicole only felt the pain of tearing her heart and the pain five years ago was not as hurt as it was now.


She ran quickly towards Samuel, and her tears flooded like an overwhelmed lake.


"Samuel, if you dare to die, I will not spare you!"


Nicole hugged Samuel tightly.


His eyes flashed with anxiety, distressed, and complex emotions that Samuel couldn't understand.