Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 51: I’m certainly a bad guy

Nicole's whole body froze.


She never expected Samuel to kiss herself. The main reason was that he hadn't kissed her three years after marriage. Even they are having sex, both of them were like doing their daily job, not even enjoyable. And he didn't allow her to touch his lips.


Lips are a sacred place for Samuel.


She used to think she wasn't worthy for his kiss, but now what's all this?


When Nicole was stunned. Samuel had pried open her teeth, and his flexible tongue slipped into her mouth, and began to tangle with hers.


The smell of mango permeated her mouth.


She didn't even try this kind of taste before, but now it feels so sweet, almost make the taste went all the way into her bone.


Nicole finally came back to normal and realize what had happened. She pushed Samuel away, and then slap directly on Samuel's face with a loud “snoop” noise.


Samuel's face suddenly swelled, especially with the bruising purple on his neck at this moment, his face is very scary.


“Samuel, are you crazy?”


Nicole's breath was unstable, and she was even trembling.


Five years!


She still has feelings for his kiss!


How did that happen?


It must be because she hates it too much!




It must be so!


She kept whispering to herself.


But Samuel smiled like a kid who had stolen some candy, and his eyes flashed with a little bit of pampering, which made Nicole stunned.


What is going on with this man?


Just when Nicole didn't know what to do, the doctor and nurse came in.


“What's going on? Is there anything I can help with?”


Nicole hasn't spoken yet, but Samuel said lightly, “Nothing, I'm a little allergic. Please do an examination to me.”


Then the doctor noticed that Samuel's hands and face were swollen and even turned into purple.


“Quick! Get ready for first aid! This is emergency! How can you still be so easy? It's easy to cause shock!"


The doctor is particularly nervous.


Nicole was slightly blank.


She always knew that Samuel was allergic to mango, but she was not aware of he is allergic to what extent. Now she heard what the doctor said and those words make she really afraid.


“Doctor, is it dangerous?”


“Of course, it's dangerous. The situation is worsening rapidly. If we don’t take action immediately, he will be shocked to death. Hurry to the ICU!"


The nurse left with Samuel.


Nicole was completely panicked at this time.


He was so allergic to mango!