Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 50: Hormones disorder

Nicole looked up slightly when she heard footsteps, and saw Samuel standing at the door of the ward, watching her obsessively.


His eyes were so infatuated, so gentle, as if she was the most cherished woman in his life.


But the next moment, she sneered in her heart.


Samuel's favorite woman was Riley, and what did this has to do with Nicole?


“Mr. Green? Why are you here? Don't you say that you will be busy lately?”


In fact, she already knew that Dr. Allan had given the paternity test report to Samuel. She had been waiting for Samuel to come here, but she didn't expect Samuel came here so late. Now his eyes were full of love.


He planed to ask Nicole to come back to him?


Or he wanted to verify something?


Nicole was preparing, but Samuel came in with a smile.


The sun poured in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and it was reflected on Samuel's body, as if he was shining with golden light.


Nicole was a little hesitant.


She still remembered Samuel when she first met him. He was so charming and successful. At that time, he was an entrepreneur invited by the school. He came back to school to deliver a speech on the topic of the experience of success. But his handsomeness and cuteness, was like a beautiful landscape in that sunny spring, shot directly into Nicole's heart. Since then, she had been fascinated by him. She kept thinking about him all day long. And she even dreamed of a day when she can be his bride.


She thought all this was just a wishful dream, but she didn't expect that the fate is so tricky. At a banquet, she slept with him wrongly and they were caught in bed by the reporter.


After that moment, she knew that Samuel had a girlfriend. His girlfriend escaped to somewhere far away because of this affair. Then Samuel was forced to marry her due to social pressure and public opinion.


Despite this marriage, she had been happy, grateful, and even thanked God for letting her to be his wife in her lifetime. In order to let him love herself even a little bit, she tried hard to give up her preferences, taking his preferences as her preferences, and putting him in the first place.


She thought that he would be touched by her after all. But unfortunately, he was a stone on the iceberg. No matter how much enthusiasm and effort she put out, all of the effort eventually went in vain.


Now that same scene made Nicole heart-broken. She suddenly hated Samuel for his pretty and charming appearance.


If his expression didn't look so good, if he was a little uglier, will she still be this pity today?


It's a great pity that all of that can only exist in her memory!


Nicole worked hard to suppress the emotions in her heart, but still couldn't control the coldness and aversion in her eyes.


Samuel's joy was all ruined when he saw the repulsion in her eyes. He just felt desperate and cold.


“What? You hate me?”


He took a step forward and put the mango on the table.


The scent of mango fills Nicole's nose, and she couldn't help feeling a little sad again.


She likes mango the most, but because Samuel said he can't bear the smell, she had never touched it again. Now that she has changed her face and her identity, now he even came to see her with mango. What the hell is all of this?


Wasn't it particularly ironic?