Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 52: You and Me

“Hey, you really do not want the pillow?”


Samuel feels very funny when he saw Nicole was angry. Three years after his marriage, he seemed to have never seen such Nicole.


She has always been careful with him, even a little flattering, and aggrieved herself for his personal habits. She has always been a wife who was very nice but humble, just like a little girl get upset by him. But now, not only has her face changed, but her personality has changed?


Or is it her original character?


It's just that she lost herself because of she was loving him?


If so, does it mean that Nicole does not love him now?


The thought of this possibility made Samuel's heart very unpleasant.


How could she give up their love if they had fall in love so deeply?


Besides, they have a son now, don't they?


Lucas Bush!


He and Nicole's son!


The child who used to think that he would not survive, now appears in front of him safe and sound. Besides, he now grows to a excellent hacker.


Samuel was indifferent for a while, and couldn't say anything.


He got out of bed, handed the pillow to Nicole, and give up his characteristic of ruffian, just as if he had returned to the indifferent look of five years ago, but looking closely, he was different.


Those indifferent eyes blinked with some shining light at this moment.


“Here you are, I'm just playing with you. If you don't like me living here, I'll just go out. I'm in the hallway, you call me anything you want. It’s my responsibility to take care of your legs. Please don't feel uncomfortable Sorry, no matter how you enslave me, I have no complaints, I just hope you can have a more casual life. “


Samuel said these words five years later. He didn't know if Nicole would forgive him after he told Nicole this now. but finally, the God gave him the opportunity, didn't he?


Although Nicole's DNA test has not yet come out, he just identified her as his wife!


An appraisal report was just evidence to turn her back to him.


Nicole's hand tugged at the bed sheet tightly, without even moving it, as if she really fell asleep, but only she knew how uneasy her heart was at this moment.


She never expected that Samuel would compromise, let alone that he would lower his profile in order to take care of her, and even wrong him.


Is it because she is not the former Nicole?


Or is he feels guilty of her because Lucas Bush is his son?


Whatever it is, today Samuel surprised Nicole, caught her off guard, and didn't even know how to face him or face him with which mood.


The plan she had made seemed to be suddenly disrupted, and she was like a confused child.