Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 27 He's just unforgivable

Lucas didn't know that the call had given Samuel countless hostility. He sat leisurely in the chair with a lollipop in his hand. He smiled and said,

“Mommy, I’m at St. Petersburg orphanage now. I helped an orphan before and she was here. I got in touch with the Dean today and came to have a look. It's not bad here. Godfather will invest. The dean is very kind to me. Mommy, can you pick me up?”

“OK. Let me know then. I'll pick you up.”

Nicole said with a smile.

Samuel's face was even worse.

Was she going to pick him up?

Was he coming to Seapolis?

He had to go back and check.

Nicole hung up. She looked up and saw that Samuel was still there. She couldn't help frowning.

“Why haven't you left?”

Nicole was gentle when she called, but now she was cold to him. Samuel was not happy.

“Who's coming to Seapolis? I can pick him up for you.”

Nicole didn’t know what he meant, but she said softly, “President Freen, don’t bother. You'd better leave at once. If my friend sees it, he will misunderstand and I can't explain it.”