Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 28 Did anyone want to pursue you?


Nicole sat for a while and calmed down completely. She stood up and looked at the unfinished food in the kitchen and began to cook again.


Anyway, it was not good to waste food.


When Olivia came back, Lucas called Nicole. Nicole drove Olivia's car to pick up her son. She didn’t mention that Samuel has come here.


Samuel didn't come again after he left.


Nicole spent the weekend with Lucas and bought a car.


On Monday, Samuel announced in the media that Nicole was the designer sincerely invited by Eternal Group. Riley deliberately embarrassed Nicole so she left. He apologized to Nicole for Eternal Group. And he released the surveillance video at that time.


His actions immediately put Riley in the public spotlight. Everyone in Seapolis saw Riley's jealousy and Nicole's grievances. They all supported Nicole.


Riley was scolded and barely dared to go out. She was particularly angry and asked Samuel. Samuel said directly, “can you compare your reputation with Catherine's? Catherine is planning all the company's projects. Do you know how much Eternal Group loses every day?”


Riley was speechless.


Although she didn't benefit from Samuel, she blamed Nicole for everything. They became enemies.


saw the news and called to ask Nicole what was going on. Nicole calmly


Samuel did. He didn’t say anything but he


a conscience. He defended Mommy, or




The courier said President Green sent them


found it


presents from Samuel, let alone roses. Now he was like a teenager and gave her




you being pursued? Am I going




threw all the


the surveillance video and learned that Samuel had done it. He frowned and


the courier delivered Nicole's favorite food and it was specially prepared by the best restaurant in Seapolis. These dishes must be booked at least a week in advance. Samuel


Samuel brought all kinds


a doctor to check


thought she


now he had completely disrupted all her understanding of him. If Samuel did all this to expose her, Nicole admitted that Samuel was really a master. Because she


Saturday, but Samuel didn't come


He disappeared suddenly.

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