Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 26 I Don't Want Anyone But You

"I don't like ginger. Don't bother, Mr. Green. Besides, you are so noble. How can l have the nerve to ask you to cook ginger soup for me?”

Nicole said indifferently, looking uninterested.

Samuel became a little serious.

She didn't like ginger?

His wife didn't like ginger either!

He was suddenly a little happy.

"Its okay. If you don't like ginger, just drink some water."

After saying that, regardless of whether Nicole agreed or not, Samuel went straight to the kitchen, took the ginger, and began to cut it into slice. Nicole froze.

Why did this Samuel play by different rules?

Where was the cold man who used to be sternly cool and unmoved?

"Hey, do you not understand my words? I said I do not want to eat or drink!"

Nicole directly sprang out of bed. Seeing Samuel staying in her kitchen, she suddenly felt awkward.

Such a cozy scene should not appear between them.

And she didn't think that Samuel was in love with her now. He just wanted to get close to her because of suspicion.

Nicole had intended to go forward to seize the kitchen knife in Samuel's hand. But Samuel suddenly turned around and directly pressed her against the kitchen door.

His breath came to her.

Nicole could not help but become nervous. She subconsciously wanted to struggle. Suddenly, Samuel picked her up and placed her on the bed again.

"If you do not want me to tie you to the bed, you'd better be good and obedient."

After threatening Nicole, he turned around and went back to the kitchen again.

Nicole was puzzled.

She knew how strong and domineering Samuel was. But what he did confused her.

What did he want?

and wanted her to

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it to Nicole. The pungent smell instantly made Nicole frown. She recoiled

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wrong if you act like this. Besides, please stay away from me. I can't afford to offend your girlfriend. I don't want to be known to the people in the

Nicole getting angry, Samuel was in

and said, "Riley is not my girlfriend, and .Joseph is not my son. We are just father and son in

Nicole froze again.

Nicole and did not know about Samuel and Riley, perhaps she would have believed Samuel's lie. But now, she despised Samuel even

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could she have been so blind and fallen in love with

checkup. Now, he told her that .Joseph was not his son.

Nicole suddenly felt sad.

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