Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 15 What Are You Guys Doing?


Nicole was really freaked out.


Samuel was an overbearing and persistent man. He did what he wanted regardless of others' gaze. She had already known this long ago.

Though, catching his attention was part of her plan, she didn't expect herself to be exposed so soon.


As long as the fire burns on her body was shown in front of Samuel, it would be difficult for her plan to be fulfilled. The shot through the heart for the past five years would be wasted.


Thinking of this, a power suddenly surged in Nicole's body. She raised her eyes quickly and smashed Samuel's nose with her head.


A sore feeling attacked Samuel all of a sudden.


He loosened his grip on Nicole, and the blood flowed down his nose. His beautiful eyes stared at this bold woman as if they were fed with poison.


"You are good at hard-to-get. But, Nicole, you are too young and too innocent for me. Tell me, what's your purpose? What's your true identity?"


Although Samuel stepped back subconsciously due to the pain and his nose bleeding, yet his fierce look and oppressing aura did not diminish at all.


Nicole s heart almost jumped out of her throat.


head was




the weakest part was hit? No wonder he


question me. May I ask who gives you the privilege to treat me like this? Even with the cooperation between companies, your girlfriend embarrassed me in front of the public and


burning fire in her beautiful eyes that served as a foil


but he stopped pushing Nicole


Sooner or later he would uncover all of the secrets of


are on the surface, otherwise, I will let you taste the consequences


Mr. Green did not have the sincerity to cooperate, l hope you call my boss. Or, Mr. Green, you have any opinion for me in person, you can ask our boss to change a designer. You don't have to bully a weak lady like me. It makes


Nicole's eyes grew colder.


point from her eyes. Nevertheless, this woman really knew how to disguise herself.


stare of seconds seemed like a


could feel


gone through hardships abroad for five years, still, she lacked domineering


about to give up,




her to see Samuel here, and the stare between the two made her feel very uncomfortable.


never felt so

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