Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 16 Very Well Meaning


During the time abroad, Nicole had dealt with lots of flashing lights, so she was especially familiar with the reflect light under the sun.


Riley George was as insidious as give years ago. She was begging for pardon seemingly. In fact, however, she already asked someone to film this. lf Nicole was not mistaken, not long after she went to the Eternal Group, the video of her bullying Riley would also appear on the Internet.


By then, she would become the target of everyone s gossips like five years ago. To make it worse, she was now a renowned designer in the H'J Group. The embarrassment at that time would not only be for herself.


Riley was indeed "very well meaning”.


Nicole sniffed, "Ms. George, what are you doing? Back at the company, you beat me however you want, and now you are here at my door to pretend to be the victim. You even ask someone to film this secretly. I am not sure you are here to apologize or to play rough on me?”


Riley's face paled immediately.


"Ms. Catherine, I Don't know what you are saying. I am really sincerely here to beg you to go back. Sam, l..."


"Ms. George, you are such a good actor. Unfortunately, you seem to forget about what I do for a living. I am a car designer who handles the components of car every day, having many opportunities to know about retroreflector. Next time, Ms. George, if you want to set me up, please be stealthier and tell the cameraman in the dark to hide their cameras better."


Nicole's words made Samuel's eyes squint.


He looked around fast and a shadow rushed onto the street hurriedly.


Samuel's eyes grew gloomy all of a sudden.


apologize, then get the fuck out.


not like this. Sam, it's not what


Riley explained hurriedly.


let Samuel know how mean she was and she couldn't let Nicole win. That person would not betray her anyway, she just had


Nicole was too lazy to


two have any other shows to put on, please do that at home. Tell me if you have an opinion on me, but Mr. Green, I hope you can give me a good explanation today. l am sorry, l am a bit


directly went back to her house and


stepped back subconsciously, but he didn't




caught him fast and her eyes


you like this? Let's find another one. As long as we


made Samuel


his arms out of Riley s


the first time, Samuel found that he had never truly


always considered her to be gentle and kind. Five years ago, for the sake of the child of the Green family, she even gave birth to .Joseph despite of her personal reputation. Later on, in order to raise .Joseph, she


Riley's gentleness and tenderness, but today,


with disregard for the manners in front of the company. Rileys shrew-like behavior, for the first time, made Samuel believe that maybe she didn't


disgusted him for unknown


in the Green family for five years,


Samuel spoke emotionlessly.

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