Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 14 You'd Better Not Play Tricks with Me


The doorbell kept ringing, but Nicole seemed not to hear it. She still lay on her bed cozily, thinking about the way Riley looked like at this moment. The latter must be reluctant yet had to come to beg her.


Back then, after she escaped with bare life. The first bolt from the blue when she woke up was the insults on the Internet. The obscene photos of her and another man and the curses others gave her for being unfaithful almost destroyed her courage to live. l'll it was not Lucas's presence that continued to encourage her, she would probably die from the gossips of others even though she survived the fire. After her investigation, everything was done by Riley.


Destroying her marriage, giving birth to a child for Samuel and forcing her to be branded with the notoriety, Riley could not be atoned for what she had done even if she died a thousand times. However, Nicole was not in a hurry to take revenge on her yet.


Wasn't it fun to boil the frog in warm water?


Thinking of this, Nicole s lips curled up slightly. The smile was wicked and unfathomable.


Samuel had been knocking the door for a while, and there was no response from inside, which made people believe that nobody was at home. Nevertheless, he was not willing to give up. There was obsessiveness in his heart. He wanted to see, with his own eyes, whether Nicole actually showed up in Olivia's house.


it wasn't until he kept knocking for about ten minutes persistently that Nicole finally stood up and went to the door.


She was in a loose pajama, but it could not shield her perfect body-shape. With her hair hung down loosely and bare feet, she opened the door and said carelessly, "Who is it? Why so rude!"


Samuel was immediately stunned.


Nicole s laziness and casualness both reminded him of his wife.




He murmured subconsciously, but it made Nicole shocked stil.


Why would it be him?


that she would make Samuel feel suspicious if she lived in Olivia's house, yet she didn't expect


adjusted her mood. She even plucked her collar straight and

Green? What


Green" woke


narrowed a bit as if they were X-ray scanning


"Mr. Green, your stare will make me think too much. lf your future wife sees this, I


"Who are you exactly?"


Nicole. He asked the question directly. His sharp eyes stared straight into Nicole's


hearts. Despite her hardships for the past five years, she still felt a little timid in this situation. However, she had




smiled like a blooming flower, her eyes crystal-clear and even


were some other women, Samuel would turn around and leave without hesitation, but this woman in front had given him too


Samuel stepped forward, pressing Nicole onto


better not play any tricks with me. I am not a person who is willing to be played and manipulated by others. You piss me off,


so close to her that they could smell each other's sound of breath. Nicole clenched her


the way that


to my wife. You have the same name as her and know Olivia. You want to


Samuel was breathing rapidly.


on Nicole's face. She could


was as charming


he was


quietly, Mr. Greens


sort of emotions had been wiped off her eyes. They were as pure

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