Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 206: You Have Changed, Samuel

“No. It’s just that I'm feeling uncomfortable”


Nicole did not hide anything from Samuel.


She really had mixed feelings about Allen.


Samuel did not continue, but he darkened his face.


Nicole knew that every man would probably become angry towards her words. Moreover, what Allen had done to Zoe was really too much.


She stopped talking, and the atmosphere was a little depressed for a moment.


Mike coughed and said, “Well, how about I send you out from the back door?”


“There's a back door here?”


Samuel glanced at him.


Mike smiled and said, “I don’t know about the others, but there's definitely one here. You know me. I always like to leave a path for myself.”


These words were true.


Mike almost died on the battlefield. Since then, he had habitually left a path for himself. Perhaps only after facing death would one be truly afraid of death.


Samuel did not object. He looked at Nicole and said, “Are you alright? Can you walk?”




Right now, Nicole only wanted to go back as soon as possible.


She had no sense of security here.


Samuel said to Mike, “Tell Jacob to stay outside and attract their attention. As long as he doesn't leave, those people won't leave.”


“Il see.”


Mike and Samuel were quite tacit.


Nicole left Mike’s house hand in hand with Samuel.


Mike's back door was facing a mountain. The road was rugged and winding. However, Mike prepared a Jeep in advance. He threw the car key to Samuel.


“Drive down until you reach the bottom of the mountain. Then, you can walk out.”


“Will it do? Will someone check at the foot of the mountain?”


Samuel was still very cautious.


Mike shook his head and said, “Look at my license plate. Why would anyone have the guts to stop my car? They want to die or what?”


Only then did Samuel realize that Mike's license plate was actually a military one.


“We're leaving.”


“Be careful.”


Samuel led Nicole into the car and drove out.


Nicole secretly glanced at Samuel. He was focused on driving, and she couldn't tell whether he was happy or angry from his look. Nicole felt a little uneasy.


“Are you angry?”