Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 205: What Did He Do Wrong?

His words almost scared Nicole out of her wits. Nicole involuntarily stopped.


At this moment, Finn came out of nowhere and headed straight for Allen.


“Mr. Brook, look at you. Why are you drinking so much? Hurry up. Find a waiter to help him.”


As Finn spoke, George also ran over quickly and stood between Nicole and Allen in a second.


Seeing this, Jacob hurriedly pulled Nicole out.


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Allen said reluctantly, “Get lost! Nicole, don't leave! Come back!”


“Mr. Brook, you're drunk!”


Although Finn looked a little thin, he was still strong. Somehow, he managed to trap Allen there. Allen couldn't get past him.


Nicole took this opportunity and quickly left Fallen Angel Club with Jacob.


The two of them quickly got on the car. Nicole's heartbeat was still accelerating, and cold sweat had already oozed out of her forehead.


Jacob didn’t say anything. He directly started the car and rushed out.


Nicole was in a mess.


She knew that Allen had a deep affection for her, but she could never forgive what he had done to Zoe. She thought that she would hate him much, but just now, her mind went blank. She couldn't control herself.


It was true that Allen saved her life five years ago, so was his kindness to her over the past five years. It was just that they would never be able to return to the past.


Not only was it because Allen had bought her and imprisoned her, but also because of Zoe’s incident. She could no longer feel grateful towards Allen.


Nicole leaned against the chair and gasped for breath.


After driving out for a while, Jacob suddenly said, “Madame, there’s someone following us.”


Nicole's heart suddenly tensed up.


She saw from the rear-view mirror that there were three black cars running side by side behind her. They seemed to be following her.


Nicole was somewhat nervous.


Who could they be?


The Brooks?


Or someone else?


Nicole frowned slightly and whispered, “Is there a way to get rid of them?”


“I can try!”


Jacob sped up, but the people behind them also sped up. What's more, those people began to chase after them like crazy, as if no one was around.


Nicole was extremely nervous. She grabbed her phone tightly in hand, but didn’t know whether she should call Samuel or not.


Jacob suddenly turned the car around and drove into a wealthy neighborhood.


Nicole didn’t know what Jacob had shown the guards, but the guards hurriedly let them go inside.


Nicole looked behind her. The men in the three cars did not enter, as if they were very afraid of this community.