Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 207: I'm Your Husband

“Where did this thing come from?”


Samuel grabbed the thing in Nicole’s hands.


It was actually a small tracker.


Although Nicole didn't know what this thing was for, she said heavily, “I don't know either. After leaving the sanatorium, I only went to Fallen Angel Club. I didn’t go anywhere along the way.”


“Fallen Angel Club is our family’s Night Elf Empire. It’s impossible that the people there would track you, unless someone did something with Jacob's car.”

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Samuel deepened his gaze.


Jacob was always on the road. Perhaps he was nailed, and his car was also targeted. Thinking of this, Samuel’s eyes sank again.


Nicole was also feeling a little nervous.


“Perhaps it’s not because of Jacob.”


“Could it be Finn? Why?”


Samuel's rhetorical question made Nicole somewhat speechless.


There were always dangers hidden around them. Nicole was a little worried.


Who had been targeting them?


Samuel felt that they shouldn't stay here for long, especially after he found the tracking device on Nicole.


He quickly got out of the car and put the tracker in the stone atoll beside him. Then, he pulled Nicole into the car and whispered, “We need to get out of here quickly.”


Nicole nodded, agreeing to his words. The two quickly fastened their seat belts and drove down the mountain.


When they were about to reach the foot of the mountain, Samuel discovered that there were a lot of people down there—people from the military, and some others.


It seemed impossible to drive past there.


Samuel pondered for a moment before saying decisively, “Let’s get off the car and go up the mountain.”




Nicole was a little surprised, but she didn’t say anything. She followed Samuel out of the car and walked up the mountain step by step.


Samuel chose a different path, which no one had ever walked before.


After the two of them walked for a while, Nicole felt tired.


She was wearing high heels. Climbing the mountain was simply torture to her. However, in order not to drag down Samuel, she did not say anything until she could not stand it. She panted and said, “Let's rest for a while.”


Samuel stopped.


It was night, and he couldn't see Nicole's face clearly, but he could sense a faint smell of blood.


“Are you injured?”


“No. It’s just that my feet hurt.”


Nicole only felt a burning pain in her heels, but she didn’t feel any liquid flowing out.


When Samuel heard this, he noticed that she was wearing high heels today.


He hurriedly took off his coat and laid it on a stone, then let Nicole sit on it.


Samuel knelt on one knee and lifted one of Nicole's feet. When he was about to take off Nicole's high heels, Nicole suddenly cried out in pain.


“It hurts.”


“I'm afraid it’s skinned.’