Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 199: Where Else Can You Go

Nicole was not surprised that Zama would do that.


As long as Zama was not a fool, she will get closer to the head of the Green Family after knowing that Mrs. Green could have children.


If she could successfully seduce Laurel's husband and made him fall in love with her, it may be possible to replace Laurel.


Zama hadn't been that impressed before, but as the series of events unfolded, Nicole found Zama to be calculating, even tolerant, and good at pretending.


Laurel calmed down a bit and said, "At that time, your father was afraid of another blow to me, so he had been hiding it from me, and started to stay away from Zama, and put forward to change another one to do the surrogacy, I didn't know what was going on, thinking that your father was not satisfied with my arrangement, even felt he felt in love with someone else. After some quarrels, your father finally agreed to do a test tube. Unfortunately, it didn't work out.”


"Zama was able to conceive only after an ivf procedure. When Zama was pregnant, I had mixed feelings and could not tell what I felt. I knew that I would love this child very much, because it was the child of the person I loved most. However, I was somewhat estranged, because it was not born out of my body. The struggle lasted until the moment the baby was born, and when Samuel smiled at me, I suddenly felt that my whole life was complete. It was the purest smile in the world, something I would want to protect in my whole life.”


Mrs. Green's eyes were full of tears, but her lips were smiling, so charming, so kind.


Nicole understood Mrs. Green all of a sudden.


A woman who could do this for love was so admirable.


"You could have let Zama go after that.”


"Yes, that's what your father said, but I was afraid the baby wouldn't breastfeed, so I didn't agree. Instead, I kept Zama. Zama did act like a babysitter, bringing the baby to me as soon as she finished feeding him. I thought it would last forever.”


“She wont be satisfied as a babysitter!


Nicole's positive tone made Laurel laugh bitterly.


"Yes, she was not satisfied as a babysitter, and it was too late when I slowly discovered that. She drugged me and my husband, and my husband's health collapsed in one night. I never knew that she wanted all of your father's property. She even tried to force me to abdicate and make her child the heir of the Green Family, and she could control everything.”


Laurel's eyes went cold.


Nicole was surprised.


"She killed Papa?”




Mrs. Green was furious.


“Then how can you tolerate her being in the Green Family?”


“Because she took control of Vincent and poisoned him. Can you imagine that? A mother would poison her own son, for the illusory rights and riches.”


Nicole was in shock.


"So, you gave in?"


“That's my husband's son! It's the Green Family's child!"


Mrs. Green covered her face in pain.