Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 200: Where Is Joseph

After Samuel and Nicole had a happy time, they lay quietly in bed, enjoying a moment of peace and quiet.


Nicole knew that Samuel was upset. No one would ever feel good when knowing that the mother he had loved for case, nearly 30 years was not his own mother, but he just didn't know how to say it.


Finally, Samuel sighed and said, "I had no idea Zama was my real mother. No wonder my mother always protected her from me. That's the reason.”


“Do you blame mother?”


Nicole, not knowing what was going on in Samuel's mind, asked him carefully.

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Samuel smiled sadly and said, "What is she to blame for? Blame her for being so nice to me? Or did she hide the truth from me? To be honest, I always felt that my mother was strict and always had a busy schedule. I actually knew that it was not easy for such a big industry as the Green Family to rely on my mother alone to support it. However, I really wanted to be by her side as a child at that time’


"Maybe Vincent doesn't have a lot of feelings, because he has been in poor health since he was a child, and Zama always was with him and I with my mother. Or maybe because I am the heir of the Green Family, and my mother always took me with her everywhere. I could see how difficult she was and how she looked when she went out to negotiate with illness, so we were kind to each other. Until once day when Zama told me that my mother didn't really love us, and I was really sad.”


Speaking of the past, Samuel felt uncomfortable, and even after all these years, he still seemed unable to recover from that feeling.


"Zama was really mean and shrew."


Nicole burst out and felt awkward after saying that.


It used to be fine to say anything, but now that Zama was Samuel's biological mother, she didn’t know if Samuel would be offended.


She took a wary look at Samuel and saw him looking at her with a smile on his lips.


“You're afraid now?”


“Who's afraid of you?”


Nicole had been snooped into her mind and looked away.


Samuel reached out and took her hand. "In the days since you disappeared, he said, "I've looked into a lot of things. I've learned a lot about Zama. This woman is my own mother, but I'm not favoritism. I'll find out what she did to my mother.’


"You know what?”


Nicole suddenly thought about Laurel's illness.


Laurel kept Samuel from knowing. Maybe she was afraid Samuel would be embarrassed.


Between enmity and hatred, Mrs. Green decided to destroy her own illness report for the sake of Samuel's mood. She even didn't want Samuel to know what kind of person her biological mother was, perhaps because she was afraid of hurting Samuel.


Nicole wondered how much Samuel had heard outside, so she could only ask.


Samuel saw her little eyes rolling, and suddenly asked, "Is there something you are not telling me?"




Nicole was quick with her answer, but also showed a little guilty.


Samuel looked at her and whispered, “Is it the report on my mother’s health?”


"What is it? I don't know.’