Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 198: Surrogacy

“Mom, I still don't understand, I..."


"If you have something you don't understand, take your time to explore it. I can only stop here. As for how far the Green Family can go, that's just about you and Samuel. I feel so much more relieved to have it handed over to you today. I don't know how long I will live, but I will be a Mrs. Green in the future. I will concentrate on taking care of Zoe and Joseph, and I will live a happy life from now on."


Mrs. Green smiled mischievously.


Nicole knew she didn't want to talk.


Although she had not been in contact with Mrs. Green for a long time, she knew that Mrs. Green had a wise mind.


She always thought that Mrs. Green did not like Lucas and did not recognize Lucas, so from the time they appeared in the Seapolis City to the time when Lucas was missing, Laurel did not show the anxiety and attention that a grandma should have, and even said nothing about Lucas.


Nicole had been sad about it, and she was especially distressed.


But now it seemed that Mrs. Green paid too much attention, not too little.


Nicole was too distracted to know what to say.


“Mom,” she whispered, "you know everything. How could you let Zama do that to me and Samuel and even to Lucas?"


"That is because there is no peace in the Night Elf Empire.”


Laurel narrowed her eyes and said gravely, "Since ancient times, high power has always made others have evil intentions. Even the descendants of the Green Family, there will be some people with bad intentions. At that time, Samuel's father was in charge of the Green Family. His brother, Samuel's uncle, was in charge of the Night Elf Empire. Unfortunately, he wanted to turn the Night Elf Empire into his own, and become an exclusive organization. Nicole, remember, at all times, the Night Elf

Empire is for the country. You may not have been in the army, but you must remember this, and that is the main thing. The Green Family belonged to the country, and so did the Night Elf Empire. What the Green Family has now is given by the state. It is meant to serve the country and the people, not any single individual, understand?”


Mrs. Green said with great care, even with a touch of sternness.


Nicole wondered, but nodded.


Mrs. Green said in a low voice, "His uncle had an evil idea. He thought that the roots of the Green Family of so many years could be separated from the state and become a single organization. So, he planned to leave the country with the Night Elf Empire, and even encouraged many people to join him in the attempt to seize power. Unfortunately, it failed in the end. His uncle's whereabouts are unknown, and unrest begins in the Night Elf Empire. I know my condition, so I know the family condition better than anyone else."


Nicole was struck dumb again.


She thought it was amazing to hear so many things today.


"Mother, do you know who's been poisoning you?”


"It's Zama!”