Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 191: It's Actually Allen

Joseph was held in Nicole’s arms, and he cried more and more fiercely.


He missed his mother.


But Mommy was bad!


It was even worse that the elder brother had disappeared and his whereabouts was unknown. He didn't dare to mention his mother's name or think about her. He was afraid that he would be sorry for the elder brother. However, facing Nicole's tolerance, Joseph didn't know how to express his thoughts, just feeling aggrieved and wanted to cry.


“Auntie, daddy hates my mommy, right? I dared not mention it. I knew she was a villain, but I really miss her.”


Joseph was crying heavily.


The strength that he pretended for days, in this moment, had collapse completely.


Nicole hated Riley.


Without her, Lucas would not have been lost, and she would not return after such a long period. But Riley was Riley, and Joseph was Joseph.


In Nicole's mind, Joseph and Lucas were both four-year-old kids.


The child was innocent. What's more, he treated Lucas with sincerity. For Lucas, he even regarded his mother as enemy.


How could Nicole be censured by his temperament?


No one could choose their own parents, right?


Nicole gently patted Joseph's back and said softly, "She has given you life and brought you into this world. She is a mother and a guide for you. You don't need to forget her. No matter what she did, she did not give up a mother's responsibility for you, which is just enough to let you remember her for life. Joseph, no matter what she has done to Lucas and me, and even to others, you just need to remember that she is your mother. Now she is no longer here, gratitude and resentment will disappear spontaneously. You can miss her. It doesn't conflict with your friendly attitude towards me, Lucas and Zoe. You don't need to blame yourself or feel guilty. After all, that is not your fault. Though she is your mother, you don't have to atone for her faults. You are still a child. You should enjoy your childhood and grow up well. You just remember her good to you.”


Hearing Nicole’s words, Joseph looked up with a lump in his throat.


“Auntie, don't you hate her?”


"I hate her. Because of her, I have lost my son now; because of her, my family is a mess. But Joseph, as I said, you are not her, I will not be angry with you. Even when I saw you, it reminded me of Lucas. If you are willing to, I will be your mother in the future, and I will treat you like Lucas. "




Joseph's eyes were looking straight at Nicole. There was an indescribable desire and pain in his eyes.


“Of course.”


Nicole reached out his hand and gently dried Joseph's tears.


The child touched her too much, and he was kind-hearted. Just looking at his sincerity towards Lucas was enough to convince Nicole of treating him with heart.




Joseph bumped into Nicole's arms and cried.


"The boss allowed me to take good care of you and be filial to you for him. And he asked me to protect sister well. I can do it. Really, I can really do it. These days I learned skills hard from Yan instructor. I will not let you and sister encounter danger again. But I really miss boss. The boss will be back, right? He will come back! He's my brother! He won't leave us alone! I call you mommy for him. As long as he does not come back, I will be your son one day. In the future, you can beat me and scold me. lf I make any mistakes, you can punish me. "


"Silly boy!”


Nicole's eyes were wet.