Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 192: I Disagreed

Nicole was shocked, but Joseph didn’t understand.


"Mommy, what is morphine?"


He asked quietly, but his mouth was shut by Nicole. However, she was shivering.


She couldn't face the truth!


The doctor obviously understood Samuel's mood. He didn't blame him for his attitude, but said helplessly, "Mr. Green, I knew you are suffering and in pain, but now Miss Bush is very uncomfortable. Let's think about how to calm her down. Her physical condition is not suitable for operation at all and it takes time for her to recover. I'm really at a loss in this situation.”


"You're a doctor, and you're telling me there's nothing you could do? She is only a four-year-old child. Her great life has not begun yet! Now you tell me that you couldn't do anything about it?”


Samuel collapsed completely.


His voice was sharp and cold. The doctor couldn't hold the bitter cold atmosphere.


"Mr. Green, I'm just a doctor. I could check Miss Bush's condition and formulate a scheme according to her condition. But now I need you family members to make a sign!"


*Sign what? My daughter is only four years old! Do you want me to sign up that you could use morphine on her? That's my daughter! My own daughter!”


Samuel's eyes were scarlet and even wetter.


Nicole couldn't bear it anymore and pushed the door of the office.


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“I don't agree!"


Her voice was not loud, but two men in the office were both stunned.


“Nicole? Why are you here?"


Samuel was a little astonished.


Joseph felt that he had done something wrong. He hid behind Nicole, looking at Samuel timidly and said, "I brought Mommy here.”


The sound of “Mummy” made Samuel dazed for a moment, and then he was a little relieved. However, he loosened the doctor and come to the front of Nicole.


“Are you all right?”


"What's the matter with Zoe? You should make it clear to me. "


She was staring at him, with tears filling her eyes.


Samuel knew that she must have heard something.


“Nicole, I'll take care of all these."


Samuel didn't want to upset Nicole. Over the years, Nicole's feelings towards Allen were very complicated. Although Samuel was jealous, he still suppressed his jealousy compared with his love to Nicole.


With tearful eyes, Nicole also knew Samuel's kind intentions, but the more so, the more she was eager to know the truth.


"Tell me, please. I am Zoe's mother. I have the right to know, no matter what the reason is. I want to know.”