Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 190: First Step Was Difficult

Nicole thought for a long time. Seeing Samuel's calm, she decided to speak out.


Maybe their relationship wasn't strong, and maybe no man could stand it.


Nicole was gambling, but felt that Samuel would not be so shallow. She felt it very tangled.


Seeing Nicole was indecisive, Samuel said in low voice, "Don't force yourself. You can tell me whenever you want to open up to me. I don't need to know immediately. How are you feeling now? Do you need some foods to taste?"


Nicole felt encouraged because of Samuel's words.




Samuel smiled and stood up. He made her a bowl of millet gruel in person.


The gruel looked very sweet, but Nicole still felt somewhat disgusted. However, under his gaze, she poured it into her mouth.


She had stuffed the bowl of gruel down her stomach because she had no appetite.


She felt everything she had eaten these days was tasteless, and she thought she had a taste problem, but it turned out to be her own psychology.


She could not overcome it by herself.


Her stomach was upset, but she bore it all the time.


Samuel was worried.


"Don't force yourself. We must go slowly.”


"I know. I feel all right now, and I will just take my time.”


Nicole slightly smiled, but Samuel knew she bore.




He wanted to say something, but the doctor walked in.


"Mr. Green, please come out. I want to discuss Lady Bush's illness.”


This “Lady Bush’ did not refer to Nicole, but Zoe.


Samuel was nervous.


"Go ahead. I am fine.”


Nicole knew Zoe's illness was emergency, and she urgent Samuel to come out.




"lam fine. Even if I don't feel well, I will throw up. Zoe is more important, and I can't go to see her like this. You take good care of her for me so that I can feel at ease.”


Nicole was worried. No mother could keep calm when she learned of her daughter's illness, and Nicole was no exception.


It would be a pity that she appeared in front of Zoe like this, and her appearance would be scared Zoe.


Samuel felt Nicole's insistence and softly said, "I will come back quickly. If you feel uncomfortable, call the doctor. You got it?”


“Okay. Take it easy."