Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 182: Missed the Last Step

Laurel closed the window quickly and turned to look behind her.


The doctor took the nurse to look for Zoe at the first time, but their faces changed when they found she was not in the room.


"Laurel, where's Miss Zoe?”


"Joke! Do I need to tell you where the Green family's granddaughter is going?"


Laurel now completely suppressed her emotions and looked indifferent.


"Oh, Miss Zoe may have run away. Go after her now!"


The doctor's face suddenly became very ugly, and as he said to the nurse, he heard Laurel say, "No one is allowed to go out! I'll shoot and kill whoever goes out today.’


Laurel made no joke at all, but installed the pistol with silencer, which made everyone a little scared.


"Laurel, what are you doing? How can Miss Zoe withstand so much trouble? Besides, there will be an operation tomorrow. Won't you be afraid you would ruin Miss Zoe if you do this?"


“This is a matter of the Green family. It has nothing to do with you! No one is going out!”


Laurel's eyes swept coldly over everyone.


Zoe fell down, and her knee bled, but her grandmother was still waiting for her, so she got up and ran on, tears flying in the air.


When she saw Daddy, the game would be over. She must ask her grandma to buy her a lollipop. It was too painful.


Not long after Zoe ran out, she saw Miss Lynn coming. She seemed to have other people behind her.


"Miss Lynn.”


Zoe wanted to rush to her, but she remembered what Laurel had said. She quickly hid herself and heard Lynn say, "Mr. Allen said that Miss Zoe should not be allowed to live today on any account. The nurse up there called me and said Zoe has gone. You'd better look around and find her and coax her back as much as you can. We must kill Miss Zoe without anyone noticing. We must not let anyone catch us."




The people behind Lynn looked fierce, and then went to look for Zoe after they heard Lynn's words.


Zoe was small, but not stupid, and she could understand what ‘kill’ meant.


She began to tremble.


Mr. Allen was her godfather, and the godfather wanted her to die?




Was it because of her illness that mommy and brother were in trouble?


Or was she disobedient?


Zoe suddenly covered her mouth and started to tremble, her big, pretty eyes bursting into tears.


She crouched in a corner of the flower-bed, watching the passing footsteps, and did not dare to make a sound.


At that moment, she realized that grandma was not playing games with her.


Someone was really trying to kill her, and Grandma was protecting her.