Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 183: It Was Hard to Decide

Laurel was supportive for Zoe's to do re-examination. However, when Samuel told her to have a physical examination, Laurel was somewhat surprised.


"I am just an old woman, why should I have an examination?"


Laurel refused.


Samuel took her hand and said, "Mom, you have been abroad all these years. I don't know how you are. You look fine now, but I still don't feel safe. Just have an examination, OK?”


Laurel actually didn’t want to go the dares hospital. But for Zoe, she would never have come back. Seeing Samuel aid this, she thought for a moment and asked, "Is there something wrong with me?"


"No, just a routine checkup, Mom. Don't think too much."


Samuel tried to change the subject.


But Laurel was smart.


She looked at Samuel, the pair of eyes were very sharp, which made Samuel some uncomfortable.




"What's going on?"


Samuel saw that Laurel was very insistent, so he told her the examination results of St. Petersburg hospital.


Laurel's eyes narrowed slightly and she said, "I did take some medicine when I was young, but it wasn't poison. It was Chinese medicine. Your father and I had been married for many years without children, so we went to see a doctor, and the doctor said that our blood types did not match and it would be difficult to have children. I felt like my world was going to fall apart. If a woman can't be a mother all her life, is she still a complete woman? I went around looking for medicine. I took a lot of local remedies, but nothing worked, until I met Zama."


As she said this, Samuel's eyes suddenly narrowed.




"Right! Don't you always wonder why I am so special to Zama and the Green family is so good to her? It was because she got me pregnant and gave us, the Green family, a baby. Do you know what a great favor this is to us? Once, in order to leave children for the Green family, I even wanted to divorce your father and let him remarry, but your father didn't agree. But luckily, we met Zama."


Samuel frowned slightly.


"What skills did Zama have? Can she make you get pregnant?"


"Her family is famous for its hereditary treatment of infertility. Their family is good at traditional Chinese medicine. However, the prime days of their family have gradually gone, and Zama was framed by some veil people and was homeless on the street. You father and you saved her and she gave us the prescription for gratitude.


Laurel's words made Samuel's brow wrinkle even deeper.


"What prescription? We have to take it to the hospital to be examined by the doctor."