Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 181: Let's Play a Game

"Laurel, where are you going to take Miss Zoe so late?”


The doctor's arrival had already let Ye know that she might not be able to leave, but she had been living in the Green family for decades, so she was calm. "Zoe is in good spirits,” she said with a smile. "I'm going to take her to the backyard.


"No, Laurel, Miss Zoe has never been out after sunset these years, and she is not in good health. Besides, the operation is going to take place tomorrow, so we need to give Miss Zoe an injection to ensure a higher success rate of the operation tomorrow.’


After the doctor said this, three nurses stopped them.


Zoe had a headache about the injection, but she didn't say anything. After all, it was for her own good, but Laurel protected her behind her back.


"It is very late now, wait for my son to come back and give her the injection. The operation is not a trivial matter, and it needs family member to sign on it. So, we need to know what the needle is."


Laurel's behavior made Zoe a little surprised.


She blinked her wide-eyed eyes at the man in front of her, as if she could sense nervousness.


"Grandma, it's all right. I get injections every day. I'm used to it.


Zoe thought that Laurel loved her, so she explained to Laurel quickly, but it made Laurel want to cry.


What a good child she was!


She said that having injection did not hurt.


How could an injection not hurt?


Why would some vicious men want to bully and suppress such a sensible child?


Laurel said to Zoe with a smile, "Silly girl, grandma knows what it's like to have an injection. Why don't we just wait for your dad to come back instead of having an injection today?"




Zoe was happy to hear that she didn't need to take injections today.


When the doctor saw that Laurel insisted on not taking the injection, he looked more or less pale.


"Miss Laurel, this is just a normal injection. If Miss Zoe doesn't do it, she may not sleep well tonight. Miss Zoe has been in our hospital for nearly five years. We are very aware of her health. Please don’t stop us, so as not to delay Miss Zoe's treatment.”


“With that, several nurses wanted to come forward and pull Laurel away.


In their eyes, Laurel was an old woman, and it was easy to make her go away.


But just then, Laurel took out a pocket-sized pistol from her bosom and pointed it directly at them.


"I wonder who would dare to touch my granddaughter today! In the United States, I'm qualified to carry a gun. Even if I shoot you today, you're dead for nothing. Just come here if you don't be afraid to die! Zoe is the child of the Green family. We have the final say on how to treat our children. Even if you are doctors, you'd have to listen to us, wouldn't you?"


Laurel's strong aura frightened everyone.